Extra £2b in budget for frontline troops

I bet EDS are rubbing their hands together already, Its got to be spent on yet another shit computer system hasn't it?
Reading the speech, sadly my gut instinct is that he is referring to either the pittance rise in the defence budget, or to the UOR process funds. No chance of a rise in the CSR settlement.
This is a fcuking joke. It shows that the government doesn't give a sh*t about defence, and is doing the least possible.
Don't hold your breath for all the decent kit you've been waiting for; everybody knows that the first £1.8bn always vanishes into some MOD "initiative" like repainting office ceilings to boost civvy-staff morale.
Dare say that it'll go on admin fee's for the part time Defence Minister, second mortgage, big Jag, kids tuition fee's, horse for the wife and all that.

Yes, after 23 years of getting thinned out, I'm a Cynical Cnut!
How many zillions will be spent on modifying the Chinouks that have been in storage for years?
Well guys and gals if you will insist on firing expensive live ammo at Mr Talliban don't expect New Liabour to come to your aid after all they were only the ones who massively reduced defence spending before committing you to fight on two fronts.
'For environmental reasons, fuel duty will rise by 0.5p per litre in real terms in 2010.'

I predict that the phrase 'for environmental reasons' will preface an increasing number of tax rises. With enough imagination it could be used to justify a tax increase on almost anything.

'For environmental reasons, we will be increasing Capital Gains Tax'

After all, the less money you have, the less you will pollute, right?
Yay...can we order some pens from the Banner catalogue now?

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