extra £12 million, why?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ripley, May 15, 2008.

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  1. just read britian are to give an extra 12 million quid to help burma, bringing the total pledged to £17 million.

    opinions please....
  2. Because its easy for some fooking halfwit in Whitehall to give away my (and your) money to any cause he thinks will win him popularity.
    After all its not as if its his money he is giving away is it?
  3. I have no problem with this. £17m will not go far, it will rebuild very little. I do have a problem with the accountability of every penny because it's obviously open to fraud but I wouldn't oppose sending aid because of this.

    I've watched on TV the devatation in Burma and China and am thankful I am able to sit here is absolute security while knowing that some of my tax will benefit those unfortunate people.
  4. Is that £17 Million for the People of Burma or the Military Dictatorship !

    It seems to me that the people of Burma will just keep on suffering !!!
  5. Except it won't benefit those people on little bit, all the aid will simply end up in the hands of the Burmese Generals
  6. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Waste of money
    Years ago you could hand dosh like this out to some tin pot dictator knowing full well you would get some of it back

    10 x Rolls Royce - Money now goes to BMW
    Private Education in UK - Kids now go to Europe
    Weapons and aircraft- now they buy cheap Ruissian sh1t
    Pay off to corrupt UK firms and Ministers - now they just keep it

    It just isn't worh handing out anymore you'll not see a penny back
    But it's your own fault for trusting a bloke called Hilary
  7. Not wishing to over simplify this but we can only do our best and say we tried. The aid should be given in stages and with guarantees of how it will be spent and proof of spend. We'd actually need to see Burmese people benfitting from our aid.
  8. Better yet; simply fly planes and choppers over burma and just drop aid out of them?
  9. surely it doesnt matter how we spend the aid or if we even send it they are all buddhists an dwill come back anyway
  10. Did Gordon just find 12million in loose change down the back of his Sofa or something
  11. why not use the 17 million to buy them the things they need from this country. They get the stuff they need and the money goes into our own economy and provides work for the uk. And we know the money was not wasted
  12. What gets me is we are always giving money away to other countries.

    Did we get any money from them when we had floods? No.

    Charity begins at home...
  13. Great plan. It worked so well in Africa, how could it possibly fail in South East Asia?