Extinction Rebellion protesters - what to do?


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Like Llanelli....... I went there once with a bunch of mates for a few beers we were lucky to get out alive.
Used to work there. Working Men's Club was as cheap as you like. Got cold shouldered initially, but when they found out the Wife's from Ilkeston they eased up.

One way of doing it.

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I read somewhere that the next climate shindig will be next year in Glasgow.

Glasgow! How are those vegan types going to exist in a land without vegetables? How are they going to fight Co2 emissions when every pub has a government requirement to have an old bloke outside sparking up a fag in all weather conditions? How do you think Greta is going to get on if she turns up in a green hat and scarf (or a blue one for that matter}?

I can say all these things because I come from the east coast......
Nasty little fascist

It was bad enough with the youngsters choosing your care home. Now they get to close your brick wall!

I wonder if well see the traditional rifle replaced with the longbow and the coup de grace administered by knife?

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Thunderpants does a Corbyn...

so many rucksacks, bags and cases for one girl alone


I wonder where her father, photographer and 3 security goons she was seen getting on the train with are sitting?
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DB press release...

”Between Kassel and Hamburg, Greta Thunberg - like the numerous other passengers on the train - was looked after friendly and competently by the DB train team at their first-class seat. According to our on-board staff, Greta Thunberg's fellow passengers were already sitting there from Frankfurt. ”

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