Extinction Rebellion protesters - what to do?

You do know what Soylent Green supposedly was?

Yeah, but you've still got the problem of live storage. Mulching them, with some scooper/tipper trucks following on and collecting the remains, gives you environmentally friendly fertilizer with which you can grow some real crops.
I see they used the CT drought and day zero as part of their hysterical wibbling about climate change.

Of course it has nothing to do with an incompetent ANC administration failing to address water storage issues while flooding their supporters into the CT area in order to swing the vote to get rid of the DA thorn in their side.
Those charmless types at Greenpeace are blockading the BP head office and demanding BP shut down. Given that they are blocking the public footpath with their little wendy houses to my mind there is a clear duty for them to removed:

Greenpeace protesters 'shut down' BP's London HQ with stone blockades weighing 'several' tonnes each 'for fuelling climate emergency'
I hope that the Met, or BP invoice Greenpeace for the labour and machinery to remove these blocks.

Suddenly protesting and being billed for it doesn't sound so cool
They have gone very quite?
I was waiting for the young ladies to go commando in protest?
And if any of them want to get dirty I can help them do dirty things, very dirty threesomes if they want?
Name and shame the teacher to the local biker gang or football firm. See how fcuking brave she is then.

My local school, take your kids out of school for a day to attend a family event etc and they threaten you with court, but they are telling parents that kids may go on ‘Strike’ on Fridays to ‘save the planet’
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