Extinction Rebellion protesters - what to do?

That's a kind thought. Thanks.

And honestly, if you can't ignore what someone posted on the net which you don't agree with, and get all raged up about it, maybe you shouldn't be here in the first place.
Of course it's a kind thought. And I also hope that your corpse is found by a group of holidaying Mormon nudists in the shadow of an abandoned dildo factory.


I know XR are turning out to be a bit socialist, but I think that could turn out to be a little too national socialist.....
If those crusty juggling numbskulls have their way, those that don't subscribe to their idiocy will be the ones in the cattle trucks.


Well done that bloke. Sadly in the UK odds are the Police would be obliged to take action against the guy, probably be an assault complaint they would have no choice but to follow up.
I've been told for the last couple of days that they have 'discretion'.

When it suits them.

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