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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Sentinel, Dec 26, 2007.

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  1. During WW1 many miles of tunnels were dug using miners from the coalfields of Yorkshire and South Wales. But has there ever been a formal army trade of miner?

    If not, what would the miners have come under - which corps would they have served with and what would have been the eligibility for such a role? I suspect it would have come under Royal Engineers, but I can't think of anything other than that.

    Any ideas anyone?
  2. How about the Pioneers?

    Or the 'Black Watch', he say tongue in cheek.
  3. Chef! :)

  4. 1856 The soldier Corps of Royal Sappers and Miners amalgamates with the officer Corps of Royal Engineers to form the Corps of Royal Engineers (controlled by the War Office).

    There was a trade of miner.. albeit a long time ago!!
  5. Lancashire men were used aswell
  6. When was the trade of miner abolished - anyone know?
  7. Each infantry Bn had a regimental tailor (now confined to the Guards) and regimental bootmaker, both were military trades.
  8. master baker (fnat fnar) and master butcher
  9. Regimental book-cooker. Now AGC (SPS) Regimental Accountant.
  10. Your first world war miners would have most probably been drafted in to serve as Sappers (as in the job, not just the name) as well as primarily being employed tunnelling to deploy explosives under enemy positions

    Sapping to create trench networks:



  11. Have a read of the Sebastain Faulks' book "Birdsong".

    Part of the story is about the Tunnelling Companies RE in WW1.
  12. I think that the last tunnellers were based in Gibraltar and disbanded fairly recently - certainly post WW2, and possibly as late as the 1960s
  13. Anyone know do mobile bath units still exist,what corps were they
  14. Regimental Hygene and pest specialist (rat catcher) done at the RAMC depot at Ash Vale.
    Naff job course on rear party for op Banner in 79 altho came into its own in Falklands 83 when I was the battery rat catcher round the Rapier sites at San Carlos
  15. Mobile Bath units still existed in the 1980s (I used one whilst on exercise in Germany). It was, I believe, an RAOC unit.