Extinct animals?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vvaannmmaann, Aug 14, 2013.

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  1. I was stopped this morning by some bloke wanting me to "Save the whale/tiger/dolphin" or some such.I politely declined - however I did wonder would it really matter if these creatures did become extinct? Would anyone notice? would anyone really care?
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  3. The problem is that if you have one animal extinct hen it normally leads to the collapse of an eco-system that could (I said could) have a knock on effect for things like crops etc, due to pollination, pest control, infections. It is better to let nature control these than by knackering nature and trying to sort it out using expensive manmade solutions.
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  4. Am I bothered? No,

    99.9% of all species that ever existed have since carked it. Adding those smug bastard dolphins to the list wouldn't lose me any sleep at all.
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  5. It's only a personal opinion but whales, tigers and dolphins are quite cool and I like looking at them. I'd far rather have them than more people, increasing numbers of whom I don't want to look at all.
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  6. I'd like to see the Chav animal extinct. In fact, terminated with extreme prejudice.
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  7. And Bears & Snow Leopards. Beautiful looking creatures.

    There are far too many people and it's only gong to get worse
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  8. I'm afraid that despite my occasional attempts to pretend otherwise, to myself as much as everyone else, the dolphins, along with everything else that doesn't feed me, **** me or pay me can disappear in the morning and not a single toss will be given.
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  9. You get some very weird effects when a top species goes extinct. See BBC News - Big animal extinction 'severed nutrient arteries' where the latest thinking is that the South Americas are still recovering from the loss of all the big South American mammals.

    On the whole, best to leave well alone, 'cos you really have no way of predicting what's going to move into that slot in the ecology and take over. It might be something you really don't want, or you might accidentally take out the keystone and a whole cascade of extinctions follow.
  10. Last year, it pissed down all spring, not a single bee in the country was operational.

    In reality, that meant not a single apple on my trees, no apple crumble, no apple pies, very little free fruit...... I gave a toss.

    I don't know what the situation now is, but when the fishing fleets wiped out the cod in the North Sea about 25 years ago, there was an explosion in the octopus population, who they kept in check.

    Now they are decimating the crab and lobster population.

    Wipe out one species, and there are consequences....... bring in the grey squirrel, the reds go into decline, bring in the Poles, our native workers are fucked.
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  11. Well just so long as they are only killing every tenth crab and lobster thats not so bad is it?
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  12. Extinction is a natural process, we may not like it but it happens. What gets my goat is that people get all hot and bothered when the species is cute and cuddly but you never have the same response for the ugly critters.

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  13. Which is why all the bullshit charities are for blue- eyed blond children, dying of some incurable disease?

    When was the last time you saw a charity which helps alcoholic pensioners reeking of piss?

    (Although if you find one, send me their website, I might be needing them sometime in the future........)
  14. I don't care about the cute ones ether. If it dies, it dies.

  15. Age UK?