External ip camera

Looking for an external IP camera pref wireless any suggestions? Been looking around and they seem much of a muchness.
I will be using it to monitor a site remotely so a robust operating system would be nice as I wont be able to get back in a hurry to fix things.
I already operate a panasonic blc 121 at that location internally (supposed to be wireless but never been able to get it to work that way only works wired).
would like about 30m range in IR if poss.
Do you have a budget? What sort of range are you looking for in IR? not being funny, but the larger area you need to cover the more expensive it's going to be. Do you need to control it remotely? you know, pan and scan etc or will it be a fixed positon?
Looking for a budget model as it will be in a remote location and irony of ironies could be knicked! Fixed point view should do as I want it to cover main approach to property to ID unwanteds and look at wild life. will be making it look like a bird box on the house.
30m max ir range will do and colour/ resolution not an issue within reason.
Robust operating system the main thing I am looking for as I have had problems with Panasonic and candybar IP's in the past.
Y-cam bullet looks a good choice but frankly a little pricey for a tight wad such as I and lets face it the technology involved isn't uber tech.
And just to throw something else in. Is it possible to remotely reset a net gear modem?