External Hard Drive Power Adapater

Greetings all,

last night I attempted to turn on my Iomega 500gig external HDD only to be met by a series of repeated clicks, now - although I am a little rusty since I stopped hanging out in the pczone irc channel - I still know this is generally not a good sign for a hdd. However not too long ago I accidentally lobbed the power supply out and so had to substitute it with a similar 12v adapater from a sky bb sagem router - This is the first time I'd actually tried to use it with said new adapater.

I just happened to come across something last night that said the clicking might be due to insufficient power, which I'd prefer to "its just fucked"..

According to the drive it takes a 12v - 2.0A DC12 volt adapater - thats all written on the back. I think the sky adapater is 12v 1.0A?? Anyone know where I can get a adapater that will work with the hdd? I'm thinking Maplin etc but I'm confused - will a 12V DC 400mA Supply work? It says ouput 0.4 amp but Im after 2.0 aren't I?!Maplin

Incidentally Iomega have these listed on their site, but it doesn't work too well on DII Iomega Site - can anyone see any details on that? Is it likely to worky? :<

Many thanks for any help, I know nothing about currents etc. I'd just like to rule out insufficient power before I cut my losses and get another external HD.
Totally lost me. I would google the External drive you have until you find someone who sells one. Then look for a power adapter to suit, could also ask what the clicking could be.
Try Fleabay, it'll probably be cheaper than buying the official one off Iomega and if you have somehow buggered up the drive then at least you haven't wasted so many spondoolies. The Sagem PSU is as underpowered as a Chav's Corsa/Nova and that's despite the 450W stereo and the sports exhaust.

An Iomega product clicking? Now there's something new. :roll:


Repeted clicking can be a sign of insufficent power, as apposed to a fcuked HDD. So you're probably on the right line with regards to a new PSU.
Thanks for swift replies...

I think I'll take it down to Maplins tomorrow.. Although I'm now wishing I hadn't given it a swift slap in a fit of rage last night... :E
My first thought would be to drop the drive out of the chassis and mount it on a spare machine in order to prove the drive. It might be worth calling that plan B if sourcing a new PSU doesn't fix it. :)

Of course that might be just prove that the drive is dead but at least you'd know.
As a rule of thumb, yes. The manufacturers make up adapters for the chassis but they use off the shelf drives in them. I've not seen anything unusual in one. Yet ;)

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