External Hard Drive for DVD's

Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by samm1551, Dec 21, 2011.

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  1. samm1551

    samm1551 Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    I am not a complete technophobe, but think I am moving in that direction!

    My husband has over 400 DVD's and I would like to buy him a hard drive that I can stream through the TV that will take 400 DVD's. Is this possible (not bothered if I have to buy a couple).

    If it is possible what else am I going to need? Is it possible for the hard drive to be wireless?

    Cheers for answering my bone questions in advance.

  2. samm1551

    samm1551 Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Oh and if anyone can recommend I'd be grateful
  3. A2_Matelot

    A2_Matelot LE Book Reviewer

    Ok, you can get software such as ANYDVD which you can use to rip the DVDs and save them down to around 700mb (approx) per DVD. So a 500Gb HDD is probably about the right size.

    Check out NOVATECH online, they have some really decent makes and their own brand is pretty decent too.

    As for streaming this is a different thing entirely. If you have a Windows PC you can use software such a VUZE which has the ability to act as a streaming server, Windows Vista and 7 can do this as all but I've never used that, otherwise you will need to think of some form of wireless SAN/NAS. Al of these mean you will need to have a decent wifi network setup.

    If you have a PS3 or an XBOX 360 you can do al this more easily by putting the DVD rips onto these, they act as great media servers.
  4. samm1551

    samm1551 Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    No vintage porn. We do tend to watch the DVD's we have. Never knew you could upload your DVD's to itunes (told you I was moving into technophobe territory). Might have a nosey at that.
  5. LG N1T1DD1 NAS server - Serial ATA-300

    Any good to you? Bung your files/DVDs/music on it, plug in your internet cable in the back and him indoors can watch films off of it while he be outdoors or indoors too! (£90 roughly)

    If you want a bog standard hard drive a 2 terrybight jobby will set you back about £65 off of Amazon. I think there are Arrse links if you are buying of Amazon from Arrse. (Sure geeks will provide.)

    As for software - ask a geek; I'm crap at that side of things! :)
  6. samm1551

    samm1551 Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Thanks. Appreciate the advice. Will get buying.
  7. Technologically speaking, yes... You might be on to a winner there!

    Editted to change the no (input for some reason) to an affirmative.
  8. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    if you like watching ultra compressed files with more blocks than a set of lego.
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  9. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    ripping them takes a lot of time, a bit of practise and mixed results. ideally 1-1.4gb per film still gives good quality. anydvd is old software now but still works fine. dvd shrink is another Doom9.net - The Definitive DVD Backup Resource

    you could also make an iso of the dvd and use a player which will read them as a file and play like a dvd 400 dvds would mean a 2tb drive would be filled up so compression would be better. mind you I gave up encoding stuff and download instead, the odd hiccup is worth the time and saved hassle.

    I have a mediagate/verbatim drive which plugs into the tv and also the network so it can access my NAS (networked attached storage) drives which in turn can each take regular usb drives so I have a standard 6tb of media to watch or listen to from films to tv series and documentaries most of which is torrented. xbmc is a good way to use an old xbox as a media player as it can also access internet tv services or you tube type sites.

    I download it, check it, copy to a NAS and watch when ready on the tv or any other networked machine.

    media hard drive | eBay

    for example. the beauty of the standalone drives is you can take them anywhere and patch into a tv as long as it has a smart socket.
  10. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    just rip with DVD shrink and replay with VLC media player. job jobbed.