External DVD rewriters

The on-board DVD on this Toshiba laptop has been a bit flakey recently so I bought an external DVD rewriter. I bought the device off Ebay and it is made by some no name company in China.

I went to play a film last night and the PC said that the DVD was set to the wrong region. I checked and it was set to Region 2 so, in theory, it should work. Eventually I tried 4 DVDs; two worked perfectly and two came up with the Region error. I was using Windows Media Player



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did you try vlc or dvdv region killer software?

dont know what you paid but it might have been cheaper to replace the dvd unit in the laptop itself. if the new unit is a 12mm one then it could probably be moved across
Many thanks, that VLC seems to have sorted the problem.
All four DVDs were from Lovefilm so it's not as if they were copies from the local Boot Sale

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