External charger for Blackberry?

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones' started by Glasgow_Jock, Jul 28, 2013.

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  1. I've obviously tried googling / looking on Amazon for the device I'm after though haven't had much luck.

    Basically is there hardware available that allows you to charge your Blackberry using say double A batteries or even a relatively small external battery charger that can hold a fair number of charges?
  2. Have a look in todays Sunday Times at the back of the motoring section, don't use mobiles myself but this may be helpful to you.
  3. Look at a solar monkey
  4. I take a spare phone battery with me, fully charged then wrapped in a small zip bag thing. Must be lighter than AAs etc.

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  5. Watch out if you're buying something with a USB port to charge a Blackberry.

    IIRC the USB standard only requires sockets to deliver half an amp. This isn't enough to charge some Blackberries as they require over an amp to charge. I bought a USB adaptor for the lighter socket in my car but it wouldn't work. Had to get another one that delivered 1.5A instead of 0.5A

    Some mains adaptors with USB sockets from Belkin and Masterplug wont charge a Blackberry either.
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  6. The CQMS keeps me squared away with a steady supply of those schmert issue double A red batteries - why bother keeping trivial shit like my serialised kit functioning on exercise while I could be keeping my phone fully charged in order to schimpf like **** to the missus while stagging on etc :)

    (Plus doing a one place change with batteries on a Blackberry eats up a lot of the charge anyway as it reboots).

    @ A_M, yea I noticed that when I bought a crappy hand winder charger for my blackberry last year.
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  7. Brunton Bump weighs 28g £30 Brunton Ember 141g £70 both have a lithium polymer battery. Both capable of solar recharging.

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  8. Google "battery extender blackberry". You'll come up with something like this: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B002TZUQCQ/?tag=armrumser-21 - other suppliers are available, though my previous supplier, Morpethmobiles, looks as though it's gone down the Swannee. I've bought extenders with mini- and micro-USB fittings that fit PDAs and HTC phones.

    With 4x AA batteries, it'll usually fully charge a phone once then, with the same batteries, 2/3 charge it, 2/9 charge it, etc. I use 2700 mAh rechargeables which, being also used for other stuff like cameras, means I only have one size of battery to worry about recharging - and can buy alkaline if I can't use the charger.