External CD drive on a Mac

Evenin' All

The family Macbook needs to go from Leopard to Snow Leopard, so I need to buy a disc.

Unfortunately the CD drive seems knacked - not a major problem as this will be the first time in years the thing has been needed - it has probably healed over. Does anybody know if mac CD drives are proprietary or whether any old USB CD drive can be connected? Thanks!
Any old one would work, done it before on a Mini.

But why not Lion? It's only $30 to download. Or is SL in prep for Lion?
Well, you have to buy SL before you buy Lion. There's no direct route.

SL has the apps store and that's what we are after as it has facetime - my wife wants to use the Macbook to use that app.

I doubt I'd fork out extra for Lion.

Thanks for the info - I'll get a cheapo external USB drive off fleabay.

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