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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by e_coy_boy, Apr 26, 2006.

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  1. can anyone tell me what corse you went on to become complete cnuts !! things that realy feck me off..

    1. oap's and adults moaning at youth that theyre up to no good etc.. i havent spent a weekend at home for the last 5 weeks on the trot where i have bin doing duke of edingborough , FTX, CAD sam, battalion shooting..... as a cadet i do "cadet in communty" i know first aid, and tell me how many civvies you know that do this ?? but yet the old basrtards moan that were up to no good :mad:

    2.reg's who moan at cadets and tell them there cnut's....i joined cadets to get a taster of what the army is !! we follow british standard rules !! we do everything you do !!! as i am cadet when i join army i will no how 2 use a GP map and compass etc !! i no heavy and light drill ( i exchanged from POW 2 RGJ ) so in my 12 weeks basic training i already have headstart on alot of other recruits !! alot of the adult instructors in the ACF are all ex army or have some sort military background!!
  2. It's a crying shame that the course you mention did not contain the basics of grammar and the Queen's english. Back to the books laddie!
    They say that a good education is never wasted.............there are exceptions however :twisted: :twisted:
  3. ok then "fast" as my grammar is so awful please turn that into the queen's english !! i know i didnt put punchuation in but to be ohnest i dont give a flying fcuk :) !! wait, who is teaching me ?? adults so they're pretty shit at grammar aswell!!
  4. arrr looks like you failed at the 1st hurdle ?? 1st challenge u pucci it ??
  5. Boy, I'm at a loss to work out what language you are trying to communicate in. I can say that it is probably not english.

    Take the hint and share your glowing wit and obvious rapier like humour with somone who gives a damn. :twisted:

    for me this 'conversation' has now terminated.

  6. Take the message, you're a chavscum cnut.

    Go to http://www.armycadetforce.com , its a lot more cadet friendly than ARRSE.

    Btw, the Regs dont use the GP rifle, and their Map and Compass is a bit more advanced than Basic Level.
  7. "Cadet in the Community"?

    "Care in the Community" more like...
  8. In case this is not a WAH but simply a wah from a little kid.

    This may be due to behaviour such as this:

    Now I am not a solider, simply an Officer Cadet in the UOTC but even I can tell the difference between training for war and training for personal development.

    I am glad you are not a scar on the British community but you are not in the army.

    So FU CK off you stupid CU NT.
  9. that's only ten days!!!!
    you jumped up little f ucker!
  10. e_coy_boy, I want to put my penis in your face then rip your spinal column out with a claw hammer.

    I usually like to assist young 'uns but I think your parents should be set alight and have their reproductive organs thrown in the canal.
  11. :lol:
  12. :lol: :lol: 8O 8) :D
  13. What's a GP map? we tend to use Topographical M726 series ones.
  14. 'ave a word with 5.56, he seems semi sensible compared to you, saying that so does StP.
  15. Its not a course for the faint hearted, and there is a steep learning curve. You need to enroll in the University of life, I've been cramming for nigh on forty years, with frequent excursions to the school of hard knocks.
    But all the hard work has certainly paid off, 'cus I'm a prize cnut, and can wind up a little scrote like you in my sleep.