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Just a question, in regards to asking for an extension of tour length. I have a cracking job (I know hard to think of one), it's for 3 years, but, I want to take an extra 12 months and obviously extend. I've got the support of my Boss and the next CoC, but have no idea how MCM div will take it. If I leave here at my current EOT dte I will have 6 months to push to my 22, if I do an extra 12 months I will go past that and leave at my 23 yr point (currently on Veng till 24).

I will be leaving at my 23 at most and will just go striaght onto resettlement for my last 6 months so really no good to a future unit if I am away finally sorting my life out after giving the Army 23 yrs.

Has anyone had experience recently of tour extensions and how agreeable are MCM Div at the moment?

SPS by the way and in an ISODET
It all depends on yopur MCM but looking at your circumstances they you are in with a shout. Main blocker will be if they are planning to promote someone into your slot. If not then they should be agrreable. Good luck!
Heard on the grapevine no more extensions to be granted over 22yrs no extension to FTRS engagements either. Over manning is starting to bite and stopping extensions are the way of reducing the problem.
I'm already on the veng full to 24 and a reg, going to give it a shout and try my luck, if successful I intend to do my time and leave at my 23 yr point. After dong 19yrs of Regt/Bn life, really don't fancy going back to it and have finally found something that I really enjoy. Only taken 20 years!!
It all depends on how it's sold to MCM! get your Boss (who is onside) to big up your contribution to the unit and let MCM know your intentions to leave at the 23 yr point. If you don't they will assume that they have you for the full period and post you somewhere accordingly!! Normally a request for extension letter via CoC suffices, unless you are in a really gucci job!! Make sure that your unit realises that they will take the brunt of any ressetlement that you require before you leave!

Hope this helps


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If you want to stay, then no doubt MCM Div will fuck you off. What you need to do is tell them you want to leave early. Then they're bound to extend you. Cynical? Moi?
"If you want to stay, then no doubt MCM Div will **** you off. What you need to do is tell them you want to leave early. Then they're bound to extend you. Cynical? Moi?"

Sounds about right for the SPS :wink:

Could you class an Embassy post as Gucci? I think I will lay it on thick ref the intention to burger off at my 23. No need to do resettlement here I intend to do all that when back in the sunny UK so the future unit won't get much out of me.
This sounds a bit too much like forward thinking to me and it will never work in this Army.

However I wish you the best of luck, unless you are in a location that I would like to go to in Apr 2011 :D
Unless things have changed then MRO does not care for your circumstances, I worked with a guy who had 2 years left to serve had bought a house in the local area (Germany) his children were attending a German school and everything was set for him to leave. He then gets a posting order to the UK for his final 2 years, despite much pleading by his boss and the SO2 the posting stood, he is now divorced. Boy I love the Corps.

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