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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Duck24, Feb 16, 2009.

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  1. I have done a search and couldn't find anything which directly answered my question, apologies if I am repreating anything.

    I am currently doing my recruit training and am due to finish my final two week course in May which means despite having been in the TA since August I will just miss being trained in time for the end of the training year and thus not qualify for my bounty.

    I have turned up to each training weekend available to be but due to a change in the way the training is provided by my Brigade I was forced to start my training again FROM SCRATCH in January. I have heard the term 'extension of training year' what is this and what would I have to do to qualify for it?
  2. I would start by talking to your PSAO in the first instance, although I'd like to think that he would be aware of your predicament already.
  3. I doubt they'll give you an extension until May!! I think you just have to swallow it. I just missed my first bounty after recruits but its just tough luck.
  4. I dont know whether it is still the same. ruling used to be you have to be in 9mnths within the training year and passed 2 week course to qualify.
    unfortunately looks like you wont qualify. I also missed first year bounty when i first joined.
  5. THe training year can be extended up until August, however this is at the discretion of the CoC.
  6. Has anyone told JPA?
  7. Your two week recruit course will count as your camp (mine did) but you will need to get it done before the end of the training year. Speak to your OC.
  8. I wouldn't get too upset if you miss your first bounty - you won't have done a full year anyway so you can hardly claim you're entitled to it as much as the guys who have turned up to max training for a full year. PSAO would be the first person to ask.
  9. msr

    msr LE

    Extension of Trg Yr is a CoC issue, not a PSAO one.

  10. Couldn't agree more... it is no longer all or nothing!

    JPA will pay a 'proportional Bounty' (for completed months service) in your first training year, and last training year when your record is 'terminated' (JPA speak for leaving the TA/Reserves) - provided you are awarded a 'CO's Certificate of Efficiency', even if you have not completed all the required training, MTDs, etc. Clearly, this is awarded at the discretion of the CO, as is the extension to the training year, and the CoC should make him aware of your personal circumstances, so that he can make the right decision.

    I believe the JSP states that an individual may have their training year extended to 30 June max (by up to 3 months) - the next training year is thus shortened. That said, I have seen training years extended by up to 6 months - JPA will still pay it if your HR Admin bod enters the detail correctly - based on the particular circumstances of the individual.

    So speak to your CoC. If you don't ask, you don't get - and better still, state your case in writing, copied to the PSAO (and keep a copy for yourself).
  11. CO can extend the TY by 30 days and the Bde by 3 months.... but
    You only have to complete 1B to get your bounty in YR 1 not the whole of your basic.
    I am guessing that you had to start again because you were outside the 6 month window between completing 1B and being able to start 1C/CIC. If you are OA and have completed the 6 w/e or Inf and have completed the 9 w/e or will have done by 31 Mar then you are probably already eligible for bounty but......
    You cannot be paid bounty in both first and last years of service... you decide!
  12. You might want to ask your PSAO if you are eligible for a reduced committment bounty. I'm not sure if that is the same as the proportional bounty that you can get through JPA.
  13. Extensions can be granted at unit level to 30 Apr & 30 Jun at Bde level. We did it for one of our recruits last year, but be aware that if you do this then you will have to do another camp in the training year 09/10 to qualify for a bounty next year