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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by the_baron, Jun 24, 2007.

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  3. Only for compassionate cases

  4. Only once for a 6 - 12 month period

  5. Only if the MCM/unit offers not if the individual asks

  1. Whilst answering on one of the other topics I caught myself about to rant about postings and extensions so stopped myself there and decided to add it as a new topic (or more likely re-hash an old one).

    Don't get me wrong I've been fairly lucky with my postings and once had an enforced extension (due to unit move) but for the last roughly 10 years I have been trying to get a particular posting (which I'm not gonna mention, don't want everyone jumping on the bandwagon for it). Its been the numero uno choice on my PPP or that time, I had it as my recommendation of most of my CRs in that period but I can't get there. And I know there are certain people there who seem to have been there since the dawn of time.

    I've been out of the Field Army for at least the last 5 years (and the next couple) and don't particularly want to go back (I mean WTF is BOWMAN FFS!). I have moved jobs and units in that and they've all been different. I will go back if that's where I get sent. However...

    My point is there are really good jobs out there that would probably benefit from the new perspective of a new person every 2/3 years. And it would stop certain attitudes/knowledge bases in those posts from becoming stuck in the past.

    I can understand people wanting to stay in the same area/location (that what the super garrisons were suppose to be for). I can understand people wanting to do the same job (that what the releant circuits are for). But surely everyone should be able to have a fair crap of the whip?

    I can also see some of the benefits especially for compassionate/welfare reasons. But the majority of the time it is neither a benefit for the Corps or the particular job or the career of that person.

    I mean FFS even those who will remain nameless have enough sense to send their particular fraterity back into the mainstream for time to time.

    Am I the only one? Am I just ranting? Do I need to get more?

    Answers on a postcard to the usual address.
  2. Baron,

    I'm with you, and the most infuriating of all is when that posting happens to be in the sun, or in the land of LOA milk and honey.
    I also have been pretty lucky and don't like to winge to much, but MCM should clear out some gaffs on a regular basis. There are some Blandford rats on 9 straight years at the moment, cos little Billy is settled at school and they like a letch on Sandbanks in the summer. The BFG rats who boast that if they were sent back to the UK they would sign off. German frau and kinder aside, what about the rest of us caught in the SPTA triangle. And don't start me on the 30 V 2 love in.
  3. Agreed but the soldier involved should be told this is short term as in 1 to 2 tours. If their circumstances cannot change then maybe a career in the Army is not possible. Otherwise you have these soldiers who have a 9-5 mentality taking some pretty plum postings away from the rest of the rosta. What is even better is when they make the promotion boards yet get to stay in unit!! So much for the RCMO saying "oi get out of your comfort zone"

    Extensions are a great tool but no one is expendable and units do benefit from a different approach style so they should never go over an extra 12 months.

  4. Personally, I'm grateful to anyone who wants to sit in a 'plum' Blandford posting for any number of tours; as long as they're keeping me out.

    What gets up my hole is that Glasgow don't appear to have a consistent standpoint when it comes to deciding whether or not it will be a career foul if an individual stays where he/she is for more than one tour.

    Finally, I understand that Glasgow have had difficulty filling posts (all ranks) in Germany recently as there is no longer the number of volunteers that there once was; so if you want to stay, there's every chance you will.
  5. That's a bit lower than I was aiming :roll: I think CDS (ruddy crab) is due for a change though :wink:

    I also met a RSM and that said one of his SSMs, both of whom were top blokes who had no quals but there are new PDs in place to prevent that in the future. And part of that is the old wanna go RD all the way you must have PD19 ticked off. Which means that it may no longer be a viable option to avoid Blandford if you want a career beyond Cpl/Sgt!

    Still think slightly too much is stock is held by those who instruct or do boots and haircuts in the great scheme of things. There is something to be said about running multiple out dets or HQ/Div/Bde complexes or TN et al. That is something that should also be include with future RSMs ticksheets.

    Bring on WO1/WO1 in trade.But that's probably a different subject for a different topic and a different day (and someone else to start, no wait Dessie Scrat has done that already(ish)).

    Edited for post afternoon session typing. Content may be subject to edit later! 8O
  6. There was a Staffy came off the last board with no mil quals, AT quals or ATRA post behind him so not always true mate.
  7. Its only reared its head this year so it'll take time to filter down.

    Came from RCMO/FCR/MCM Div so it must be true :roll:
  8. Thought it was brilliant on the roadshow when they said you won't get to WO2(RD) without any quals.

    Q, loads of hands being raised and them backtracking and saying this was a one off, why? Because two CO's of different units said he was the best staffy they had come across in his CR's.

    Funny that when he's only been a staffy at one unit?
  9. Your aim is off! its not so much the individual, hell if they are making the grade without the quals then well done, if they fail in post then point proven.

    The point to be made is MCM strongly imply that quals are pre requisites to promotion however if that was the case then many SSgts would not be loaded onto the board.

    While quals are an excellent enhancement they are not essential, there is more to being on the RD roster than teaching weapon handling etc. They not really needed for the RQ or the MTWO, Trg WO maybe but as long as the skills are in unit then its a case of managment.

    As the baron mentioned PD 19 is now in place, any JNCO with aspirations for RSM needs to get on board and get this tick in the box while they can. Your looking at the skillies and a tour either on Phase 1 or phase 2 training.
  10. Agreed Disco.

    The point I was trying to make (forgive me I am a support trade) was that to say one thing and then to backtrack in front of an audience of soldiers that you are supposed to be managing is a little worrying.......
  11. Roadster again totally agree.

    I did exactuly that, phoned records because the unit I was at (Tp and Sqn OC) promised me the world and couldn't deliver.

    Being told you have to manage your own career, I phoned records, asked what was available and was asked to wait for an e-mail.............................
    to the Adj, RCMO, and both OC's.

    After being chewed for ten minutes and fighting my corner, they actually relented and agreed my course of action.

    However can you imagine all the Lcpls' and Cpls' not to mention Sncos' that would phone records given a free reign.
    It's bad enough now, but it would be worse if you let people phone records direct.
  12. It's time the Corps used G6 criteria to promote within the RD structure as well as the supervisory. I would have someone who has been a Tp Staffy at a Div Main Tp, a TN or a JTFHQ TP in 30 or 2, over some joker who has bullied recruits at a depot any day. It has to be more relevant.
    The amount of ex Support Trade SSMs I have had, who have come from the Bassingbourn/Lichfield/Pirbright triangle, but wouldn't know a 9 x 9 or a Penthouse if it jumped out at them is scary.
  13. Phoning MCM Div is a bit of a double edged sword.

    Agreed that you should be able to phone (or have access) to find out what's avail. But sorting it out on your todd... Potential recipe for disaster. Goes back to my main point, how many guys would phone up to stay where they were indefinitely? Especially in the Gucci posts?

    Yes, there is probably a balance and having a VTC/Tele-conference i.e. all informed net with Tp SSgt/Sgt/OC, RCMO and Desk Officer plus the individual isn't too far of a stretch (even for the support trades :wink: ) about the future potential career structure as I don't think one on one conversations work on the whole when it comes to careers.

    I've been quite lucky and had my new 'assignment' squared by a LE in direct consultation with both MCM and me. I think it helped that my career is currently lost down the back of the sofa (along with my good looks and olympian figure, erhm :roll: ).