Extension of Current or Future Postings


Don't know if anyone could help here, hope so. I am attempting to find the procedure to apply for tour extensions. In the fact that you fill in the paperwork....what is the correct procedure when an individual applies for this by his or her RCMO/Superiors. If the extension is refused should the reasons be given as to why and can the application be tried again.

I believe first thing is an OC`s interview who will then speak with MCM to see if its a goer, but only if your OC is prepared to keep you in unit.

If MCM agrees you then have to back this up with a formal letter to your OC requesting the extension and by how long.

Well that has been the format given to me by my OC when i have requested an extension.


Sounds spot on to me, your OC will speak to the Adjt (or direct if you are in an independant unit) if everyone is happy the there should be no reason for you to granted your extension. If you request is rejected then I can think of no reason why you shouldn't be notified. If circumstances change however then you can re-submit your request but not straight away obviously.

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