Extending the lives of army Land Rovers

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Nuts_McAuliff, Nov 1, 2007.

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  1. Just saw this on the bbc website. I found it interesting.

    bbc news

  2. Good on him.
  3. Read that at work last night, sounds like the guy has the right idea, get rich, create employment and save the MOD money.
  4. Sorry if I sound a bit cynical, especially as this seems to be an entirely good thing, but isn't this another case of paying a civilian contractor to do stuff that we always did anyway? I seem to remember that the REME were quite good at "cannibalisation" until the pratice was outlawed.
  5. :D Equipment cut back to forces by labour, this bloke looks like he will be the main man to keep M.O.D. running, good on him Landrover was a top vehicle and in years to come it still will be :D
  6. It's a symptom of how the REME has been hamstrung since the mid-90's. We are so far up our own arrse that getting the VM's to work on kit is secondary to sweeping the hangars, going on courses, guarding Tidworth etc. etc.
    Meanwhile, it's cheaper to have people like this do the work for the MOD. It's barking but there's a general unwillingness to confront reality up in DEME(A) who bleat about competency and in-mission effect but tend to be blinkered about life on the shopfloor.
  7. I wonder how long it will be before Ford attempt to buy him out.
  8. Is there any reason why HM forces could not do what he is doing (realise its a bit late now). Seems daft to have been out done by one chap with a cracking bit of forward thinking?
  9. I answered that one.
  10. In conventional big business and Government accounting terms it is most likely what this guy is doing would make no sense at all. That is not to say there is anything wrong with it though!

    Only works because:

    "I am the only shareholder. I have no dividends to pay, so I choose when to buy [component] stock or tools."

    And good for him.
  11. "I am supplying the MoD with a brand new Land Rover at the price it was sold at 10 years ago, which is half what Land Rover charges for a new one now,"

    So, lets get this striaght - he buys old landies off the MOD for pennies as part of the disposal process, strips them down, puts them back together, then sells them back to the MOD for many times more than he paid for them.

    Bloody Genius
  12. Well, either he's a genius or the MOD are thick as mince. Which do you want to bet on?
  13. Can I phone a (REME) friend? :D

  14. Sorry, what i meant to say was is there any physical reason why REME couldn't do it yet he could, or was it just internal politcs etc.

  15. Or maybe he works at the MOD part time!