Extended service - is anybody interested?

Is it really a joke or is it just me?  The ‘Package’ that is being offered to those completing 22 years service and whishing to continue just seems ridiculous If you’re a SSGT Artisan take a reduction in rank to SGT, SGT’s stay as is, NO promotion, carry on operational tours as required, and a posting to wherever is the furthest from the request in you last Pref Posting.  Oh and by the way we’ll even let you take the post of a lance jack so that you can get your tool box out and get back on the shop floor.  And they wonder why  people tell them to shove it?? Or do they?


:mad: What gets me is that the RAF can continue service happily. one RAF crap hat bstard is on his 2nd LS&GC!!!

If the post is availiable for a guy is is an excelllent tradesman and has gained a good enough rank then why loose all the knowledge and experience he has to push through some jumped up young bloke who wants his tiffy course, wants to be promoted yesterday and kisses arse better than most tank regiments.

Let them carry on the job but 2nd or 3rd line without the loss of rank to assist the forces and earn a wage worth working for. Not holding up other people's promotion but just earning a living like the rest of the population.
Hey, you could be lucky enough to exploit the opportunity of managing all that whole fleet stuff locked up in a shed in M-G.  After all, isn't that what "Whole Cfn Management" is about :p
G Force... have you ever considered that you are fortunate to be offered anything at all...??  They are quite within their rights to say ta very much for your last 22 years service... now bugger off....

just a thought..... ;D ;D ;D
Extensions.   For every WO2 that extends for 2 years, it prevents one hard working SSgt from promoting for the same period.  That it turn stops a Sgt being promoted to SSgt and so on.

It is all down to establishments.  Each unit has one, and it dictates how many of each rank can be held at one time.  By granting extensions in the lower rank it still has an effect, but not so great.  Extensions beyond 12 months of service, other than for WO1s newly appointed are very rarely awarded these days.

A number of reviews are underway at the moment to look at the 35 year career, it is part of a study called NECST and "The Versatile Engagement" aka VENG.  The plan is to identify which posts could be filled by Warrant Officers up to and including a 35 year career - just like the RAF and the Navy.  The thing is there are only a limited number of these that can be filled by ageing old cronies, most of them will come from what is currently the Long Service List.    Others might come from non-teeth arms such as the Adjutant Generals Corps (SPS), but the balance has to be right to prevent others on the 22 year engagement not being penalised, and still having a career.

Details will be released to units once the studies are completed, but information is already widely available.

In the mean time anyone leaving the service on completion of 22 years can still apply for continuance, register with the Long Service List or even consider some of the FTRS posts that are advertised on the MOD Web site.

Personally, I would thought after 22 years you would be better off grabbing your pension and looking for something in civvy street.  Hope you haven't left your resettlement to the last minute!!!
what you seem not to notice is that there isnt anyone to fill those sgt posts they all seem to be leaving i am on 5 years extended service why because there isnt enough people joining  
There is an article on Extended Service in this month's Crafty, the understanding I have is that those extending are put into vacant LCPL slots on establishments.  One SSgt I know is on the books of RRW LAD, although he's employed in the Garrison Insp Centre.

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