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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Closet_Jibber, Apr 24, 2008.

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  1. Anybody still got the old Nylon ones for belt kit they fancy banging up on Ebay...

    Or know of where you can get one? Trying to avoid using the plastic crap or the newer fiddly velro fasten type.

  2. I have a nylon one to hand, PM me for more info
  3. try here:

    All sorts of stuff, can't vouch for it though, my line is 'if it aint issued I aint paying for it' :wink: ....
  4. I've used their kit before, good quality allbeit rather expensive
  5. flectarn.co.uk always do good stuff although i am trying to use less nylon pouches. pointless wearing flame resistant clothing and pouches that will happily burn.
  6. You know you're in the shite if your pouches start to burn!
  7. Why do you need an extendable pouch?
  8. To keep an extendable baton in.

    I know its an outrageous idea... I'm thinking of seeing a patent attourney!
  9. Perhaps another outrageous idea, but................................................Why not just use the one that came with your Expandable Baton? There is good reason for them being replaced by the 'crap plastic ones'. If it's an 'old sweat' thing, you can have my nylon one with pleasure, I also have some DMS boots, Putees, a long rubber 'guy in the park with sweeties' Mac and some red PT Vests too - your welcome to those as well!
  10. Because the plastic ones crack when you fall on the floor. You lose your baton then get blamed by the job for not securing it properly. Never known any dramas with the old nylon ones.

    Oh and I'm not an old sweat!
  11. Hell, I haven't seen one of those for years!
  12. Thanks you ba$tardS!!! now I know I'm getting old!! I was issued them in basic training at Chi 8O
  13. Still got my Mac, Red vests (including V down to you navel) and a pair of DMS. I'm not that old, but often sweaty.

    Clost Jibber (AKA Walt)- You must do a lot more falling down than I've managed in my career because I've never had this problem. Does the reassuring clunk of your baton falling on the ground not give you a steer that it may have fallen out (therefore to pick it up) or did it simply roll into a drain grate (or EBay). The 'job' can get very sniffy about Policemen losing weapons. It's very unfair I know.