Expressions that make your liver fizz with anger

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Howler, Sep 3, 2008.

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  1. Talking to a potential new client today, meeting going ok, small talk, usual bullshit, etc..
    When she rudely asked me to “Hang on for a mo, I need to speak to my ‘hubby’”.
    Five minutes of banal claptrap later she finishes off with;
    “See you later, alligator” and gives a kind of camp growl.
    To which ‘hubby’ replies, I know this because I could hear every mind-numbing word;
    “See you in a while, crocodile” and repeats this little ‘Julian Claryesque’ roar.

    Has anybody any other examples of annoying expressions that make you want to hit the speaker in the face with a hammer?

    I can think of two others that make me apoplectic with rage;
    “See you, wouldn’t want to be you.” And
    “I’m not trying to be funny, but……” before they come out with some colossal insult.
  2. I hope you executed her on the spot with a hammer and chisel.
  3. "Not three bad"

    "How you diddlin"

    Both are clear requests to be stabbed in the eye with a pen.
  4. "like"

  5. Anything repeatedly quoted from either Little Britain or Peter Kay

    Not particularly funny to start with, all horrendously f*cking annoying, all repeated by people with cloth for brains.

    For example, - "computer says no", "want that one", "booked it packed it, f*cked off", "cheesecake?" etc.


    -edited to add examples
  6. Better off with map and nokia. If anyone says that again I am personally going to put his fcuking head into a blender, and fcuk him up the hoop with a 155mm shell.
  7. "Do you get me" boils my blood.
  8. when I say "see you later" and they say "not if i see you first really gets my goat, so much so that i would like to rip out their eyes and pi55 on their brain.

    oh and as already mentioned "not 3 bad" my ex boss used to say this!! fcuking to55er

    edited for mongtard spelling :oops:
  9. "Your not hearing what I'm saying" yes I am if your saying your a cnt
  10. "bye bye for now"


    fcuking grip my shit.

    along with "whatever". :x
  11. Anyone posting on an internet forum in a Scottish 'accent' (ah wis oot ma heid, etc).
    People putting the word 'tis', instead of 'it is'.

    Again, cnuts, the lot of them.
  12. Harriet Harman,

    even the name does my nut
  13. 'No worries' unless said by an Aussie


    'Say again' or even worse 'say again over' on the telephone/in conversation.

  14. text speak on this forum grips my turd as well,fcuking chav,s have a lot to answer for.i need a text spell checker just to read my daughter,s homework these days. :x will people under the age of twenty ever write in english again?
  15. "At the end of the day" Cnut's

    "I'm sorry but....." why? Cnut's

    "Basically...." arggggg :evil:

    "To be quiet honest......." :x

    making those "quotey" sign's in the air when saying something feckin stupid, with a stupid look on their face :evil: