Expressions That Make You Squeeze a Drop of Wee Out.

"It needs to be done"

Not so much the phrase itself, just the implication that saying it makes it possible. Mind you, I'm on a bit of an emotional rollercoaster at the moment so odd things are striking me as funny. People closing doors, leaves falling off trees, genocide - that sort of thing.


Oh so many!

A few of my personal favourites;

"Teeth like Afghan webbing"

"Teeth like a fighting patrol"

"Face like a bit of melted Lego"

but the greatest (and one i've used on several occasions);

"Face like a beekeeper's apprentice" :D
I thought the expression "thick as an elephant's spunk" had replaced "cor Guv'nor its a right pea-souper tonight and no mistake" in the London Cabbies' dictionary? According to Jo Brand that is...

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