Express: "Falklands War Hero's Widow Makes Painful Decision To Sell His Bravery Medal For £60,000"

"The widow of a Falklands war hero who was killed during the legendary Battle of Goose Green has made the painful decision to sell his poignant bravery medal for £60,000.

Lance Corporal Gary 'Gaz' Bingley was fatally shot as he charged at an Argentine machine gun bunker during the fierce fighting that lasted for 40 hours.

The paratrooper's bravery was similar to that shown by Lieutenant Colonel Herbert 'H' Jones who was posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross after being killed in the same battle.

Despite being outnumbered two to one, the British came out on top and the decisive victory paved the way for the British to retake the Falklands 17 days later when Stanley was liberated.

L/Cpl Bingley, who was aged 24 at the time, was posthumously awarded the Military Medal in recognition of his 'heroic' action which was 'instrumental' in defeating the enemy."

Falklands war hero's widow makes painful decision to sell his bravery medal for £60,000
LCpl Bingley's widow has a valuable asset and has the right to sell them if she wants to make use of their value to improve her circumstances-or do whatever else she wishes.

I don't know what her circumstances are (apart from illness) but I dislike the way the press release is crafted to make people leap to the conclusion that she is forced to sell out of poverty-she may well be, but it's not stated.

I see from the DE's comments that unfortunately there is ill-feeling from her estranged daughter regarding the sale.
For £60k, it's just common sense. You can replace it with an exact replica and it's not like it diminishes the award.
Do you reckon they will get 60k? Its seems a bit steep for a Military Medal.
What sells it is the fighting citation, it's a 'modern' gallantry group and (sadly) it's a FI War casualty: plus 9 years later and the MM was consigned to history.
Glad the family can get a few quid, but it always feels like rich lads collecting stamps wrt the buyers...
Sold for 90k,

Someone interrupted the auction immediately prior to the lot, made a short speech

Biding started slowly but went to 90K

Buyer costs hammer price 90k + about 25% for bidding fee and VAT on hammer = 120 K


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