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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mighty_doh_nut, Oct 23, 2007.

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  1. A mate of mine is the sprog in a criminal law firm and therefore is the duty muppet when someone is arrested, he is their first point of contact after the perp has been detained.

    He was with me for a swift beverage last night when his mobile went and he was called to the cells to interview / represent a chap who had been caught exposing himself in public.

    What a fcuking hero!

    Why should he get a telling off / custodial / customer service order for such a clever crime. A bloke who goes out of his way to show his nob to passers by is hardly a danger is he?

    I have a mental image of a chap in a long mac, full to the brim with cheap lager and bimbling round town, leering through shop windows with one open eye, mumbling obsceneties then flashing his champ as a coup de grace.......

    Big and clever or a sex offender? Hopefully the first, I fancy a second career as a flasher

  2. Inconsequential microdicked tit. Mine is clealy visible due to its immense size, and can be viewed on request by suitably nice females.
  3. Is his name Steve?
  4. Dont mind at all if the flasher happens to be of the female variety. Do they make them?
  5. What happens when the flasher becomes bored with exposing his albert in public? I would think half of them have sexual crime tendencies and when they no longer get the same buzz, how long will it take them to start attacking?
  6. A month or so in my case...
  7. It took me about 3 weeks I think? ;)
  8. [​IMG]

    Trick or treat anyone?
  9. He could move on to strangling whores or abducting middle aged ugly women, just because a chap likes to bare his hampton doesn't automatically mean he is a danger.
  10. He is clearly a timid and inconsequential nonentity if the extent of his journey into darkness is to furtively expose himself on a quiet evening. A fumbling dilletante hardly worthy of the attention of the police.

    Let him stalk the same streets with hammer or butchers knife or even a squeezy bottle of inflammable liquid and his trusty Zippo. Then we might ask "Who is this that aspires to greatness?"
  11. I like your train of thought........ todays flashers could be tomorrows criminal murdering masterminds?

    Let the flasher free, who are we to tamper with history creating itself?
  12. While I fully agree with you MDN that this innocent waver of the knob should be allowed to roam free across the parks and wasteground of our green and pleasant land, it does seem a very tame occupation for a man like yourself to be considering?

    Surely something more in the balaclava and running shoes line would suit you much better?
  13. But that would mean leaving that little blond girl he borrowed in Portugal alone of an evening...
  14. Well why doesn't said flasher now complain to the police that people have been looking at him? The people who have been looking would then get fined/sacked/jailed.

    Works for gays.

    Oh and Mcvitie - how dare you denigrate someones sexuality like that - seven years in nick for you sonny boy.
  15. Blokes who display their knob to the general public - be it by flashing or by taking a picture of their drawn-on hampton and sticking it on a website - are clearly a danger to society and should be publically flogged :D