Exposing satanism in Harry Potter

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by FunkyNewBlood, Mar 29, 2005.

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  1. alright, i don't mean to offend anyone who's religious, but this site is funny. the seriousness of it just makes it even more funny. this particular article outlines how the harry potter books are part of some satanic conspiracy. some of the points made seem plausible (i wouldn't really know though, because i've never read the books or seen the movies) because writers often use subtle references to other works, and the bible is probably the most widely used.
    what makes this even more funny, now i'm probably going to read the books

    check the rest of the site too, it's all pretty funny to me

  2. OMG! 8O

    Completely barking!
  3. Where so these people get this crap from?
  4. It's a joke, right?
  5. Worse than shagging goats ?
  6. Thing is though, a significant proportion of the denizens of mil.com and indeed large portions of America take this sort of thing seriously.
  7. Its great isn't it? - I'm a satanist, my wife is a satanist and my one year old son is a satanist. Not that he's read the book, but by being in a house with one of the books is bad - after all he could just touch one which would would be bad in itself:

  8. I've got all the books, all the DVDs & a black cat! 8O
  9. Fundamentalist (apocalyptic) christianity is as bad as any fundamentalist religion. You cannot beat these people in any argument.
  10. The authors name is Lurlene Tyranna Shores! 8O Hardly a winner in the credibility stakes.
  11. Wow Dozy, do you wear a lot of black, and look like Kate Bush? 8O NOW I'm sitting up and paying attention! :D
  12. RTFQ


    Who says freedom of speech is a bad thing? This is the funniest thing I've read in ages. The voices in her head have caused her to make some wild leaps in logic and theory. Didn't realise that Harry Potter had a gay agenda, or that it was all about "Freemasons like Hillary Clinton." Strange, when I read it I didn't notice all the sexual assault subtexts or that Voldemort (CLEARLY a reference to the plagues of egypt and that episode in TJ Hooker when Locklear throws her truncheon to trip up the baddies) was in fact good old JC. Silly me.

    I wish I was fluent in Iranian, because I'm sure I could google a few texts from CrazySherbertDibDabs.co.Ir that would read exactly like this.
  13. Wibble? 8O

    Completely, tinfoil hat wearingly madder than mad jock McMad.
  14. Erm, yes... :?

    I have hair that is crazy if not tamed 8O :roll: otherwise can't say I do! :lol:
  15. Oh, yes you can...