Exposing military frauds

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by lovefraud, May 11, 2007.

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  1. Does anyone know of an organization that exposes false or exaggerated claims of British military service?

    I am the author of Lovefraud.com, a website that teaches people how to
    recognize and avoid sociopaths. http://www.lovefraud.com/

    Many of these predators claim to have served in the military - especially
    special forces - when they have not. After establishing false credibility,
    they proceed to emotinally and financially destroy their victims.

    I am preparing content for the website to help people verify whether someone's
    military claims are true. There are websites in the US and Australia where
    people can verify military claims. Do you know of any for British armed
    forces? Many Lovefraud readers are from the UK.

    Thank you,
  2. Top tip - 99.999999% of 'I used to be in the SAS' types are talking bollox. General rule of thumb: those guys who actually served don't go around bragging of it on dating sites...................
  3. But 49 Para is a totally different thing, as is I've got a big chopper that I'm going to push up your hoop.
  4. Top tip no. 2 - In the UK, military frauds are known as Walts (or 'Defence Ministers'). Do a search on ARRSE and you will see many who have been exposed.

    You may also like to spend some time (quite a lot of time, in fact), perusing the thread above entitled "Legion of Frontiersmen". Your time will be rewarded by the uncovering of rich veins of waltiness in many forms.
  5. This site (lovefraud.com) is a dilution of the issue of sociopathy and appears to be a personal crusade rather than a desire to educate. It's absolutely full of falsehoods and inaccuracies, I suspect intentionally.

    Please take your site down unless it's going to be used for educational purposes.
  6. try CSLI....Civvy Street Light Infantry

    I have been "Waltering" for years....to pass the Walt test...you got to know how to make a Benghazi burner!!!!
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  8. Hell hath no fury like a gullible woman ripped off!
  10. I'll be SAS, SBS , Fire Brigade, any old shite if I'm going to empty my sac.
    Any hole is a goal
  11. Hello Love fraud, My name is JR,

    I'm 28, single and have just got out after three years serving her majestys pleasure, earning the BPBBB in 1982 whilst serving at the George IV. After getting out I discovered all my friends and family have moved on/away and I no longer have any social life. Do you fancy coming out for a drink and a ruby on Friday? ..I'm afraid I do not have any Sterling on me at the moment but if you sub me a few bob I'll make sure that you get it back from my weekly allowance from HM Government. If you are local you may be able to help me out on another matter of my lack of accomodation, just a few nights on your sofa would be a real help to me.. I am a man of honour and promise not to knock you up or fcuk your teenage daughter up the hoop behind your back. I might need a little further assistance if you would be so kind as to let me borrow your cheque book, mine is in the post

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    24th Royal & Sun Alliance


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  13. Given that a sociopath is someone who can not feel the full range of human emotions, and there for lacks empathy for the wrongs they do I think she is more intersted in con-men and general scum bags.

    Mind you with a face like that she should be happy for any attention she can get.
  14. Avoid anyone who uses a motorcycle in their avatar!!

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