Exposing a Walter Mitty.

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by reme999, Apr 22, 2011.

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  1. Quick one guys. I am ex REME. I work with a guiy who claims that he was in 2nd Bat Royal Irish Rangers, joining '88 ish... He claims to have served with this Battalion in Gibraltar. Does anyone know where 1 Royal Irish Rangers and 2 Royal Irish Rangers served between let's say between '88' and '94. I do recall that when I was at Fally there was a Royal Irish Battalion in Lemgo?!! about ''90 ish??!! I will respond to PMs.
    There is nothing worse than someone claiming to have done something in the military when they haven't..... i.e.... they are lying b'tards!!!
  2. History of The Royal Irish Rangers The Formation of the Regiment
  3. I know, I met some REME VMs once who claimed to have fixed an engine........................lying *******
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  4. You could ask in the 'contact us' bit. It also says about being in Gib if you read the history and there's loads of photos on the site. Contact us would be the best imo.

    From what you've said, the point about them being in Gib answers your primary query though.
  5. One of their Bns was in Osnatraz late 80's, Mainly serving in the front line at Miami Vice, getting punched by Green Jackets;-) They may have done some punching too of course, but only the happy memories remain:)
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  6. Seems I misread the Gib dates. RIR deployments apparently are:
  7. Cheers matey! Walter exposed.... Will do it slow like the death of a thousand cuts...............
  8. Just make sure he wasn't attached to another unit first. Plenty Royal Irish I've seen with other units.
  9. Hope you are sure of your facts.

    A Bn of RIR were in the FI on Op ICE PICK in 1987, travelling courtesy of RFA Sir Lancelot. They returned via Gib. I dare say they had a memorable time when they got to Gib.
  10. He said his number started with 249. I am 2484.... having joined in Aug '88. My other colloeague was in the Micks, joining in June '88 who's number was 2483..... This Mitty when questioned about when he joined said 87 or 88. When questioned as to what regiment he was in said 2 Bat Royal Irish Rangers. Confirmed he was a Ranger, then said he rose to L/Cpl. He didn't know where he was posted to in Germany because he was only there one month before being posted to Gib, with the Rangers.
  11. I served with 2RI from 89 to 92 and yes there were in Lemgo. I was and still am REME, but have a friend on FB who was with 2RI forva long time.

    PM me any specific questions and I'll ask him. :)
  12. Home

    take a look on here
  13. Be careful what you do.

    My first regiment only did a few full Banner tours but plenty did tours attached to other regiments. There are also guys I served with who are now getting hazy on their dates. Also just because their Army number doesn't fit with the sequence doesn't mean it is wrong. My number was a lot newer than a lot who joined in the year after me. No idea why.

    Just ignore him or change the subject when he's prattling along.

    I've never met anyone who, in the presence of civvies, hasn't stretched their stories a bit.

    Life's too short to rip people to bits about their fantasy life. Nobody's perfect.
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  14. The number can be misleading - I joined May 88 and I was also 2484, but I know the jocks get their own number block and so had different ones even though they were in the same intake, maybe others do as well.