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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BoomShackerLacker, Apr 20, 2007.

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  1. Heart warming report on EU exports... and another nail in the coffin of Euroscepticism... :D Vive le beouf

  2. Well of course it is. Half a million Estonians/Poles come across for summer working last year, the majority have gone home over the winter (not enough seasonal work) and the first thing they get offered is some sort of local mud soup to eat with a glass of grass flavoured beer.

    They have got used to decent grub and are buying up as much UK scran as they can get their hands on.
  3. Sounds like a fair trade.

    They set our laws, aim to control our foreign policy and would like to take away our currency.

    We flog them a few biscuits.
  4. Decent grub and UK is a new combination in the same sentence!

    I've heard the Poles here get sent food parcels via the Red Cross...
  5. Have you ever lived outside the UK and tried to live on the local foodstuffs?

    When you have been offered a meal that consists of Barszcz, Golumpki followed by Faworki, all washed down with Krupnik and some really horrible white wine type stuff that I never learnt the name of.

    You will never take the pish out of fish and chips or roast beef again. :lol:
  6. Why is this a 'nail in the coffin of euroscepticism'.

    Most of the eurosceptics I know are against the governmental and federalist attitude of europe, not the trade.

    It might be fairer to say that it sets the argument against the euro back.
  7. Yes I remember the EEC which is what we signed up for, if it had stayed that way I am sure all would be fine and dandy for the "eurosceptics".
  8. Quite right. Wasn't 1973 a referendum on the 'Common Market'?
    No mention of currency, federalism et al then was there?
  9. along with free housing.....
  10. Well said :!: Don't mind trading with them but don't want them telling me what to do :twisted:
  11. ...and I thought we were part of "them"
  12. You do - I don't.
  13. BWAH-HAH-HAH!!! :p

    I suspect the proliferation and popularity of curry laced cuisine slinging shops across the UK has much to say about the traditional grub. :p

    Yes... I have eaten haggis along with a number of "puddings" but then again, I'm one of those folks who was blessed with a cast iron stomach. :wink:
  14. I do, and I've eaten better in Poland and Russia than I ever have in the UK (and at more affordable prices). Not saying anything against fish and chips or a roast (if they're done well) but variety is the spice of life and good food you can get anywhere.
  15. :lol:
    So you're the UKIP voter then. :lol: