exporting tax free cars?

If you register it in BFG within the sixty days. How long do you have to leave it in country before you can bring it back to UK?
To sell it without incurring the 5 year ban, a year from BFG, NOT the date when you pick it up.
Stella, I am not a subject matter expert.

If you go on to the motoring forum and PM calibra 4 X 4, he will give you a quote for BFG standing orders.
The rules have changed recently:

if buying a tax free care, it has to be registered in BFG for 7 days. If you move back to UK, you cannot sell the car for a year after BFG registration (not the date you arrive in BFG). If you do sell the car, you will incur tax charges against you, and they are ruthless in claiming it too!

If in doubt, ask at the BFG office, they will know the full script.
If you arrive with a new tax free car, you have 30 days to register it with BFG (which you can only do by post) and another 30 days before you need to do the headlight check.

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