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explosives presentation

I was wondering if anyone has any idea if the picture of the guy with his face blown to bits after putting a detonator in his mouth is on the net? Would like to use it in the presentation I've been asked to produce.

jarrod248 said:
I've not seen this err what was it thinking of, suicide a troublesome tooth needed removing but he couldn't get a Dentist?
Some members of the RE had a strange idea that the safest place to keep a det was in the mouth as you knew where it was and maintained control of it.

They do like to come up with some strange things ever so often. The latest apparently is refraining from using the normal black tape, because it causes static as you pull it off the roll :roll:
BuckFelize said:
Aye, that'll go down great with a classroom full of eight year old girls. You'll give 'em nightmares.
Aye, that'll go down great with a classroom full of eight year old girls or the AGC. You'll give 'em nightmares. :wink:
Forastero said:
I'm sure he was a US bootneck.
I think he was USMC, sure someone on here had the complete set of photo's including the re constructive surgery that had to be carried out.

Something to do with a game/bet - bored squaddies, don't you just love them.

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