Explosives Expert Required for History Channel TV series

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Hi there...

My name's Dave Shaw, I'm an Assistant Producer on the popular History Channel series "Ancient Discoveries". We're currently planning a shoot day for next Wednesday or Thursday (12/13 September) at a quarry south of Bristol where we will be testing replicas of ancient Chinese Landmines/Grenades/Rocket launchers from approx 1200 AD.

We have an independent company producing the devices according to ancient methods, however, we would like to use an ex military explosives/demolitions expert in order to guage their opinion on the effectiveness and lethality of these devices in relation to their modern counterparts such as the Claymore and Frag Grenade.

If you have experience in this area (or in EOD, Demolitions etc) and are keen to be involved in filming, please let me know. We require someone who is confident in fromt of a camera and who lives within 1/2 hours of the location.

We are able to pay for all expenses incurred, plus offer £150 consultancy/appearance fee for the day.

Just to put your mind at ease, I myself have experience in the NZ Military, and our Director for next week was a British Army sapper.

Feel free to email me if you are interested, thanks.

Dave Shaw
Wild Dream Films
email: David@wild-dream.com


War Hero

My name is qman and I am making a boring programme about fuel and how it has changed since the inception of the IC engine. My particular area of expertise is the incredibly dull and boring bit about anything associated with this subject. I was just wondering if you've got anyone to lend me hand in a quarry about this time next week where I plan to fill a quarry (south of Bristol) with some Petrol (did you know it has roughly ten times the calorific output of most industrial explosives) it should be full of vapours by aroundabout........oh Wednesday or Thursday. I can't afford to pay you as I am busy saving up to by my shiny new Q7 but there is a good chance we'll be on the telly. Probably after midnight on a Sunday in the 'bore you senseless section' of the digital death that now passes itself off as TV for the masses.

How qualified do you need to be to do a boreumentary about fireworks?

You sound as though you live a fairly exciting existance, replying to threads on message boards, pretty extreme.

Just to let you know though, over the past year alone I have filmed the F16, the B2 Spirit Bomber, the USS Eisenhower, USS Texas, Active Denial System, KRISS Submachine Gun, AA12 firing Frag 12 rounds, a half dozen Sniper Rifles such as the Barret 416, the AT4CS and RBS 70 in Sweden, Metal Storm, ATACMS, Future Combat Systems, and the V22 Osprey to name just a few.

I've interviewed the Vice Chief of the US Army inside the Pentagon, been inside the top secret areas of Whitseands Missile Base in New Mexico, and have tested the skills of numerous US Special Forces soldiers.

The shoot we are putting on next week involves the world's first ever live testing of a grenade like device that was discovered less than a year ago on the bottom of the ocean off the coast of Japan, beleived to have been used by Kublai Khan.

If this isn't your cup of tea, fine, don't watch.

Leave WDF alone, he's legit.


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Hey wow cool fab!

I too have had an interesting few months. I have made like a limpet on Britains 2nd highest mountain wearing nowt but ordinary climbing gear. I've sat in a Kayak on lake lazy bastard and paddled around a bit.
What more can I say? Is that extreme enough for you?

I am particularly interested in the tests that you put to the US SF. What crazy things did you make those dudes get up to? I bet they can't do 14 push up's in under 43 seconds? I can and that's what makes me extreme dude.

I beg to differ about the worlds first ever live test of that grenade like device. Me and my mate tested one the other year It fizzed like a basta7d for about 8 seconds and then it didn't go off so we threw it over the side of the ship we were on, just as we were passing Japan, so it was pretty sh1t really. You are right about the Kublai Kahn using it though and they got the idea off of a group of Pikeys in somerset who sold it to them with a shed load of double air bomb repeaters.

You can use all that in your boreumentary if you like and you can send me a cheque for £150 made payable to the Army Benevolent Fund.
Sorry, just trying to make the point that not all TV is the pig sh*t that mainstream channels spew forth, day in day out. There are a few decent shows hidden amongst the garbage.

"Walt Abuse"? Can you shed some light on this for me please?
Now if you had been Dave from WetDreamFilms i'm sure your inbox would be max'd out with willing squaddies offering their services :D
Come on Ammo Techs, this is also posted in the Sappers Forum and therefore we would only have ourselves to blame if the wedge get in there first and pass themselves off as 'explosives experts'.

Although they do have the advantage of being comfortable in front of the camera.

I would do it myself, but i'm a tad more than 30mins from Bristol.
mediumwhiteamericano said:
OK General, keep your spurs on. You have to admit though, anyone else spouting that type of CV on here would come in for some walt abuse.
Very true and did find the ref to Wet Dream films rather funny. WDF is genuine and needs help. :D
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