Explosives are fun - stories?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by codbutt, Jan 23, 2007.

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  1. One of the benefits of serving in the forces is, of course, the access you get to explosives, and the chance to blow things up. A thunderflash in a cabbage, rolled behind the bar when your boss is looking the other way, etc....

    Come on then fellas, let's be having you...your dits please.
  2. Thunder flash + dead rabbit through the window of a bulding in imber village while few guys were getting there heads down .fcuking classic
  3. as an ex booty I hope you dont mind me moonlighting over this side occassionally, but here's my dit.

    Whilst campaign dodging in the caribean around the time of GW1 I was getting chauffered around by jack on a what can only be described as a jolly. one of the Islands (if memory serves me correctly it was The Dominican Republic) asked if jack could use his big fcuk of winch, about a mile long and attached to the back of the ship! to pull of a boat that had got stuck and wrecked on the beach by one of the many hurricanes that had passed through. Jack attached the winch and pulled the boat out to sea and asked us if we'd be kind enough to blow it up for them. after all but a nano second of considered thought we agreed. Some of the lads went over to the now doomed boat and stuffed it full with as much explosives they could find and then some.

    Being an officer our head honcho decided to include some purpose to our fun and games and decided that we should set the explosives off using an 84, well the ships captain got all the matelows on deck to watch what the booties had been up to for once instead of sun bathing.

    so the lads got the 84 out and after some quick relearning drills out of sight tried to look competent, when the first round was fired at the boat there was a slight crumping sound and jack looked pretty unimpressed, however about a second later there was the biggest fcuking bang you can imagine and it knocked quite a few spectators over. This was quickly followed by loads of sirens and many matelows running around like headless chickens because we had managed to put enough explosives on that poor boat to case a shock wave that had cracked the hull of the ship we were on!! and we were now in danger of sinking as fcuk loads of water was now coming in below decks.
    needless to say we sloped off fairly sharpish and the buggers wouldn't let us out in our dresses for ages after that.
  4. The old thunderflash in a glove full of meat in training was class for a 16 year old group of sprogs :thumright:

    As for myself, one dems day we had I was lucky enough to be allowed to play with the left-over PE, I dont think the boss realised how much was left over :lol:

    Anyway, little Lance Comical buggrit ran off happy as a pig in sh1t with a huge lump of bangy white stuff and started to make an improvised shaped charged. That done I stuck it on top of an old german AFV shell to see what damage I could do.

    We all backed off and connected the shrike to set off all the lads charges, mine being last. The bangs went off as normal until it came to mine. It was rather large and the boss stared at me and asked "How much PE did you have you mad cnut?" , "Only a wee bit boss" says I looking innocent.

    We went and had a look at the afv shell and by feck there wasnt much left.

    I loved dems days :love:
  5. easy topic , Med man in the 80`s , mk1 432´s and all the `pe `loaded on the louvers, never new a 43 could fly !!! If in need of dodgy Dem´s , just ask a sapper , he will supply!! Ubique
  6. Approx 1800 L118 charge bags burnt in a onner - the millennium midnight burn - late Dec 1999 on SPTA. Knocked out all the TI on the other side of the impact area!
  7. Forgot about the biggest bag Ive seen...

    GW1 after the ground war our Sqn was tasked to ge to all the bunker positions, abandoned hardware and such and check for booby traps then empty out all the weapons and munitions.

    We did this for a couple of weeks and by the time we were done we had one hell of a collection of wagons and munitions.

    The planty's dug what is known in the trade as a big feck off hole, and we put all the munitons in said feck off hole, wired up a few barmines over this massive pile and moved back to about 1km away.

    When the pile was eventually set off it was feckin awe inspiring. Ive never seen, heard or felt something like that.(Unless you count the movement of the huge fat bird that was bouncing up and down on me in Plymouth :boogie: ) The shockwave hit us 1km away. Explosives are feckin grand :applaud:
  8. An uncle on mine farms near Dartmoor, and when he moved there in the early 1960s, his land was covered in big, awkward lumps of granite left behind by the Ice Age which made ploughing awkward. Solution? Get a black powder permit, and blow them up.
    He got quite good at this, and it got to the point where he could quite happily stand just far away as was necessary ,and in the right direction, to avoid the subsequent rock shower.
    Well, one day he found the head of a sledge hammer lying in the grass, and thought "wouldn't it be fun to launch that".
    So, he tamped a load of black in it, put lots of clay in one side to direct the puff, and set it off. He admits he did use "a fair bit". It went up into the sky, and he didn't see it come down. Someone a few miles away probably had the shock of their lives.
  9. Bangs Party as an NCO on the Basic Soundranging course.

    In order to give the Soundrangers 'Something to locate' The bangs party would head off onto Salisbury Plain withe a four tonner full of PE4, Det cord, fuses, detonators...The lot.

    I always volunteered for Bangs Party because of the laugh of it. The first thing of course was to convince the students that PE4 was as dangerous as Gelignite and carry it gingerley from the back of the four tonner, before dropping a crate, shouting "RUN!!!!!" as two DS legged it and left a gaggle of students scattering in all directions thinking they would be about to blow up.

    The standard Artillery practice for replicating Enemy Arty was this:

    1) Hammer a 6 ft Wooden pole into the floor so 5ft remains above ground.

    2) Build charge by unwrapping one stick of PE4 and rolling it into a cricket ball size. Cut ball nearly in half, tie a knot in Det Cord insert in cricket ball.

    3) Tape four further sticks of PE4 around cricket ball and make a 'Lanyard out of string. 'Hang' charge from top of wooden pole, run out 200m of D10 wire, attach detonator, return to firing point, connect 'Shrike' electronic detonator (I was always disappointed that I couldn't push a plunger on something with 'ACME' written on it Wile E Coyote style) and blow things up.

    We blew up everything. Lunchboxes, walkmans, mobile phones, NI Gloves, A couple of helmets and combat jackets, berets etc. You know the score.

    The best day ever though was by 'adapting' the pole in the ground to become a crucifix and sprinking it liberally with breadcrumbs. Hang on three charges (That's fifteen sticks of PE4) and wait for Salisbury Plain's finest birdlife to arrive.

    BOOM! Beaks, Talons and Feathers everywhere.

    My favourite explosion stories come from this bit of kit, though..

    All hail 'The Puffing Billy'

  10. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Some RAF AEOD lads were burning some old rocket motors (Bloodhound missiles I think) & what you have to do is put a charge on eather end & a strip down the center of the motor to split the casing.
    Anyway,The center charge did'nt fire but the end one did!Cue one missile rocket motor flying off across beach & far out to the north sea!!
    Another one was when a occifer chap shattered lots of windows,greenhouse glass as he fired the explosives when the was low cloud!That one made the papers....
  11. Once when I was a young GPO, I had to forego my usual pleasure of burning the surplus charge bags and delegated it to CPO H2 (Hello Nick!). I asked him if he knew what to do and he replied oh yes. I gave him the Gun drill pam anyway as a crib and zapped off to my next duty.

    A couple of hours later I returned to the GP to find an eyebrow-less subaltern, with a localized sun tan and a combat suit the front of which appeared to be made out of glass. Apparently he had piled the charges up in accordance with the gun drill book. Unfortunately he had not realised the illustration was a plan view.

    He had piled up the charge bags in a pyramid and then lit the top of the pyramid as it seemed to show in the book! Whoosh....his driver was still pissing himself laughing three hours later. Funnily he didn't make a career out of the Army after all.
  12. Well, I start this thread, and then look what turns up on our newswire. Obviously, his ears were burning (boom boom).

    One dead, four wounded in blast in Smolensk
    MOSCOW. Jan 23 (Interfax) - One person died and four were wounded in the blast of a home-made explosive device in Smolensk, a law enforcement source told Interfax on Tuesday.
    The incident took place on Monday close to 32 Nikolayev Street in Leninsky District.
    "A jacketless explosive device equivalent to 1-1.5 kilograms of TNT detonated in a Fiat van," the source said. The explosive was being transported in the van at the time, and the explosion took place under circumstances that have not been clarified yet.
    "Three employees of private security companies and an unemployed person inside the van were injured. A passerby, a citizen of Ukraine, was also injured," Interfax was told. One of the wounded died in hospital later.
  13. Still giggling. Charge bags were great and if you were bored enough you could burn letters and symbols into the ground. We once did a big pair of pants on a hillside up in Otterburn to impress the CRA. It didn't work.
  14. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    We had some of that PE that came in a tube like gripfill.Had great fun blowing our names into the concrete around N Luffenham!
  15. Take two or three thunderflashes, a roll of ducttape and wait near a Dixi, or some other portable loo.

    When someone's in, tape the door shut and drop the thunderflashes down the vent on the top of the dixi.

    The results vary, but are allways smelly :pig: