Explosive sent to Labour office

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Mad_Moriarty, Aug 3, 2006.

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  1. I was no where near Cambridge, Honestly!.

    Story here
  2. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    So come on then, hands up who was it????
  3. Was it disquised as a cake for two shags? No we have to find another way. Its a fantastic building that we should save for the next incumbant.
  4. "Crude home made device" - probably just a play dough penis, with the message "This is so, Tony can feel like the rest of us"

    Oh, and it wasn't me!
  5. untallguy

    untallguy Old-Salt Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Hate the sine, love the sinner
  6. "He said the arrival of the package came after a number of organisations had received "hate mail" in recent weeks."
    For "weeks" read years.

    "But he said officers were not linking the incident with any major terrorist activity."
    For "major terrorist activity" read fu*ked off Englishman

  7. "But he said officers were not linking the incident with any major terrorist activity."

    "and Iraq is not descending into civil war"
    "and crime is down"
    "and the economy is in great shape"
    "and the Middle East isn't a problem"
  8. Good news, if only it had been opened by that f****ing b*s*a*d bLAIR or his bitch of a terrorist loving wife it would haver been a good result.

    Then again I suspect most on here are aware I am not over keen on these two.

    No I did not send it, but I shed no tears when the enemies of the county get what they deserve.
  9. Never, It was a very descreet comment. :D
  10. Wasn't me, but I just read the cnuts put up council tax there by 93% since coming to power. That'd probably be enough for most people.
  11. It cannot have been an Arrser. The thing didn't work...
  12. Non of us would have wasted our time making a "Crude home made device" when we have been trained to do a much more professioal job.

    Do you think the 'W4nkers' will get the hint and f**k off?
  13. What *****r do you want to take his place.I suspect any old Tory will do for you lot.Memories of good old Maggie abound no doubt.
  14. Easymoney at least Maggie didn't try to be your 'best mate' every waking moment of every day. For all of her many faults she would give two fingers to anyone including the yanks - and Reagan was a much harder nut than George W
  15. If the police are not linking it to any major terrorist activity than I cannot be guilty of 'glorifying terrorism' under the current legislation by suggesting that the device would have been better directed by it's sender to the Cabinet Office where he or she would have done the entire bloody country a favour by ridding us of the vermin who reside in it before they can 'rig' the next general election rather more effectively than they rigged the last one!

    It says a great deal for the popularity of a political party in power with no intention of relinquishing it that it is hated to such an extent that people are incensed enough by it to deliver bombs to it!

    All in all, a totally unsuccessful attempt at pest control.