Explosive Safety Officer Cse

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by CH512O, Feb 12, 2009.

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  1. Gents,
    Maybe going on this course at Gib Bks. Whats it entail and what can you do after passing it?
    Cheers in adv
  2. You get to blow stuff up .... and when you pass the course, you get to blow stuff up unsupervised!!
  3. lol, i know that but details please!
  4. Do you mean the All Arms Cse?
  5. Yes, the one held at the Battlefield Engineering Wing, Gib.
  6. It used to be the Dems Safety Officers Course or the All Arms Bat Sim Supervisors. They changed the names last year i believe so i'm not to sure which is what these days!

    However, you'll be taught how to set up and run a range, use explosives and all the niggly bits that come with it, safety etc. I think the all arms one concentrates mainly on Batsims. ??
  7. Cheers for that, thought it went on those lines. Anymore info will be appreciated.
  8. Includes the planning and execution of all arms......Explosive Methos of Entry, Basic Cratering, Timber boreholes, BATSIM and explosive digging, in service dems accessories.
  9. CH5120 check you PMs
  10. An interesting concept - "Safety" and "Officer" in the same sentence!

    Don't the Engineers trust their Warrant Officers any longer?
  11. Its just the title you dim wit, All Arm's SNCO's and Offr's can apply.

    Oh and if you actually read the thread you will realise it is designed for non RE types!

    All RE who attend the RE Fd Sgt's Course or Tp Comd's course do this.

    Don't bother applying............
  12. Might chuck in for it myself then.

    Everydays a schoolday and all that.
  13. Its a good course. Relaxed, laid back and the range day was fun
  14. Best course I did in the TA.
  15. Dinger,

    It is actually a pretty good course, more importantly it allows you to add some decent realism to training. As you know up to 1kg of PE4 at 25m (so long as its on a snadbag of course) is loud and makes people do the funniest things.....

    (Oh and you might as well put in for the 0801 whilst you're at it)