Explosive questions for police

Terrorism Act 2000

13. - (1) A person in a public place commits an offence if he-

(a) wears an item of clothing, or
(b) wears, carries or displays an article,
in such a way or in such circumstances as to arouse reasonable suspicion that he is a member or supporter of a proscribed organisation.
41. - (1) A constable may arrest without a warrant a person whom he reasonably suspects to be a terrorist.
43. - (1) A constable may stop and search a person whom he reasonably suspects to be a terrorist to discover whether he has in his possession anything which may constitute evidence that he is a terrorist.

(2) A constable may search a person arrested under section 41 to discover whether he has in his possession anything which may constitute evidence that he is a terrorist.
the thing that bugs me is the double standard. i am no fan of any extremist organisations, but i am sure that if a right wing march had placards urging people to murder or behead ethnic minorities, the police would have acted and said minorities would be in uproar, demanding action.

this PC bollox has gone toooooooooooo far................ standing aside and doing nothing while someone walks past with a placard inciting muslims to murder westerners? bugger being a copper. sure they would have leapt into action to protect the rights of the marchers, had there been any sort of counter-demonstration?


They did move on several white van drivers shall we say!
That's an interesting point Gassing_Badgers.......... the Suicide Walt sounds like its got something.

"Yeah, well, I was all set to blow myself up in the name of Islam when I remembered that me mam was taking me granny to Bingo, so, like, I normally look after me Dad, so, but I'm gonna do it once our lass finishes her A-levels. Innit"
Legs said:
Just like a British Soldier, the Police Firearms teams get such a hard time for doing their job, that they're probably terrified of opening fire.

Out of interest, if on guard duty you saw this prat walking towards your main gate, would you shoot, or wait. If you did shoot, would the Yellow Card cover you or would you be up for murder? Personally, I think that you would be justified, as long as you felt that you and the other members of your unit were in mortal danger.
Drop him!
Better to be judged by 12 than be carried by 6.


Andy_Caps_Commando said:
As people keep saying, that there is nothing in the PACE act to say an officer can arrest someone for the way they are dressed. However in Aldershot last year (if i rightly remember), a Gdsman was walking home after a function in the Bks only to be arrested. Why? He was dressed like a suicide bomber, he was charged by the local constabulary. This was in the Scum. One rule for one, one for another me thinks. :x
There was only one of the said Gdsm, and not 10,000+. It has been banded about the METPOL was on orders not to inflame the situation with arrests that could be carried out later from CCTV and video footage (not sure how if half were wearing shemaghs!)

Not aware of any arrests just yet apart from Suicide Sid for breaching his release conditions. The majority of police I have spoken to would have arrested the plaquard bearers, but powers that be, must have warned them off.

Quite right, rules for one and not for alot.
That is a really good qeustion. I would say that like in cases with soldiers, police are worried about using rules of engagement in fear of scrutiny if they are wrong. But we should be asking is not just why didnt the fake suicide bomber not get arrested, but also the other protesters that waving banners that were also inciting terrorism. How did the parents of the baby that had "I love al-queda" wrote on her hat not ger arrested. All this "politcally correct" stuff needs to be seriously reviewed.

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