Explosive questions for police

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by john_joe, Feb 12, 2006.

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  1. :? Explosive questions for police
    INTERESTING QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Omar Khayam, the bloke who dressed up as a suicide bomber at a London protest rally - how come he wasn't arrested on the day?
    EVEN MORE INTERESTING QUESTION OF THE WEEK: How come he wasn't shot on the day?
    This is a serious question. I'm not advocating violence. I'm just wondering. . .
    For Omar was described in reports as being "dressed like a suicide bomber." And photographs have shown that he did indeed look the part. But it's only in retrospect that we know he was just "dressed as a suicide bomber." As opposed to actually being one.
    Did he walk past policemen on the day dressed like that? Was he searched? Did it occur to anyone that there might actually have been something in his pouches? That he might actually be the real deal?
    Above all, isn't it a bit odd that in London you are now apparently allowed to strut the streets freely, while kitted out like a mad bomber. Bearing in mind that not so long ago a totally innocent Brazilian was gunned down amid claims (later debunked), that he looked suspect because he was wearing a bulky jacket?
  2. I heard that the word INERT was stencilled on teh back of his head.
  3. In answer to your question on why was he not shot at: There is no law to say how one is dressed. Ok he did look like a dressed suicide bomber, but nowhere in the PACE act dose it say an Officer can arrest on the grounds on how somebody is dressed.

    Secondly the use of a firearm is strictly controlled. Only at senior level or if the Officer feels he's life is in immediate danger can he pull that trigger. After the Harry Stanley & Stockwell shootings, I think the Met are being very careful now on the use of Firearms.
  4. Just like a British Soldier, the Police Firearms teams get such a hard time for doing their job, that they're probably terrified of opening fire.

    Out of interest, if on guard duty you saw this prat walking towards your main gate, would you shoot, or wait. If you did shoot, would the Yellow Card cover you or would you be up for murder? Personally, I think that you would be justified, as long as you felt that you and the other members of your unit were in mortal danger.
  5. Actually..... I sort of wonder who decided he was dressed as a suicide bomber. Dodgy "urban" cammo and a Webtex vest....

    He looked more like he was on his way to a high fashion airsoft game to me.
  6. I Think I heard when he was making his appolgy, that him and his mates did it on the spur of the moment and hopped on a train down to london...

    Now whats that phrase? Ahh yes:

    "BOOM, Head Shot!"
  7. He popped on a train dressed like that??

    A few months ago somone did that and actually blew it up.

    He deserves a good shoeing, the t0sser.
  8. If police are prevented from arresting people with the sort of placards as were shown that day and chanting as they did that day, sure as hell no one was ever going to allow firearms to be deployed and used.
    In my old age I am quite a miserable and nasty old bstard but even I would have had reservations about ventilating this guy on the strength of a bit of webbing that could just as easily have been a bra for man breasts.
  9. If such a situation did arise and a Soldier did shoot dead an asian looking chap on the suspicion he was a 'bomber' I have no doudt what so ever that the Police force/CPS dealing with it would do so to the full extent of the law and bounce Soldier for murder and make it stick.

    As for the Police firearms teams getting a hard time for doing their job its ironical that the few times they have opened fire they have killed the wrong/unarmed people.
  10. Perhaps he's going to start a new craze:

    The Suicide-Walt!

  11. Unless of course it offends the great leader:


    Now then, How 'bout Section 5 public order - "displays any writing, sign or other visible representation which is threatening, abusive or insulting, within the hearing or sight of a person likely to be caused harassment, alarm or distress." or 4a, where it is actually caused to someone.
  12. Quite wrong I do agree to arrest somebody for wearing such a slogan on a t-shirt. If Officers are happy to spend there whole doing paperwork on such a silly arrest, then Senior Officers need to get there act togeather.
  13. As people keep saying, that there is nothing in the PACE act to say an officer can arrest someone for the way they are dressed. However in Aldershot last year (if i rightly remember), a Gdsman was walking home after a function in the Bks only to be arrested. Why? He was dressed like a suicide bomber, he was charged by the local constabulary. This was in the Scum. One rule for one, one for another me thinks. :x
  14. What an absolute joke. If these people who are now in positions of authority inside the police, cant tell that someone dressed as an arab, and is drunk, in ALDERSHOT, is a squaddy with a sense of humour, what hope does THIS COUNTRY have?

    people like ian blair have ruined the police by their desires to run social experiments instead of observing human and criminal nature.