Explosive device at Belfast International Airport

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by British_And_Proud, Oct 31, 2010.

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  1. An explosive device has been found inside a car at Belfast International airport.
    Police and army bomb experts were called to examine the suspicious vehicle which was discovered in the long-stay car park around 1430 BST on Saturday.
    It has been removed for examination.
    Flights were not affected, but some passengers were forced to spend the night in local hotels because they were unable to get home without their cars.
    The alert ended at 0200 BST on Sunday.
    It is believed the alert was not linked to bombs left on US-bound cargo planes.
    Home Secretary Theresa May confirmed on Saturday that a device found in a package sent from Yemen and found on a US-bound cargo plane could have exploded on board the jet.
    The device, intercepted at East Midlands Airport on Friday, was viable and could have exploded on board, she said.
    Dubai police earlier confirmed that another device, also on a US-bound cargo plane, contained explosives.
    Washington suspects the devices were part of an al-Qaeda plot.

    BBC News - Explosive device at Belfast International Airport
  2. Belfast Telegraph
    Separate explosives have been defused in Northern Ireland as dissident republicans stepped up their campaign.

    A viable pipe bomb and suspected flammable liquid was discovered by airport staff in a Toyota car at the long stay car park in Belfast International Airport on Saturday afternoon. The alert ended on Sunday morning.

    In Lurgan, Co Armagh, a 40kg explosive in a beer keg was made safe by army technical officers after a member of the public raised the alarm on the Tullydagan Road on Friday.

    Police Service of Northern Ireland Assistant Chief Constable Duncan McCausland said: "Both devices had the potential to cause injury and damage.
    Bombs defused at Belfast airport - Northern Ireland, Local & National - Belfasttelegraph.co.uk
  3. Pipe bombs are rarely the work of dissident republican groups.
  4. No, but the beer keg has a certain, PIRA, CIRA, RIRA Oh my God I Can't believe its not the IRA ring to it.

    Pipe stuff probably belongs to some Prod idiot who left it there whilst he's gone for a week on the Costa Del Crime!
  5. Ask RAAD (Republican Action Against Drugs) why they use pipebombs regularly. Dingerr its not hard to make a pipebomb and I doubt Loyalists are going to blow up the economic heart of Northern Irelands, tourist gateway.
  6. That's why I said rarely. Thanks for the egg sucking lesson.
  7. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    They might, apparently the DHSS are starting to take a good hard look at those on the sick.
  8. DSS dear boy. I suppose you do have those thick Bastards the Real UFF, running about throwing pipebombs at school kids and Belfast International is beside the Ballycraigy estate more or less, so it is possible, but I still think its those dasterdly dissidents again.