Explosions in Moscow subway

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KyleH, Mar 29, 2010.

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  1. I vote for Chechens!
  2. Red Alert: Two Explosions Hit Moscow Metro
    March 29, 2010

    There have been two explosions on Moscow metro systems March 29. The first explosion hit the second carriage of a metro train stopped at Lubyanka station and the second at Park Kultury station. Ten people were initially reported injured in the first blast with an unknown number injured in the second blast. With two blasts approximately 40 minutes apart in Moscow subway stations it is most likely it was coordinated terrorist attacks in Russia’s capital.

    According to STRATFOR sources in Moscow, the two locations of the attacks on the subway in the city are symbolic. The first attack in Park Kultury is symbolic in that it is one of the city’s cultural centers being located near Gorky Park. The second location of the attack at the metro station of Lubyanka is nearly under the Federal Security Bureau’s headquarters—former KGB headquarters—the security hub of Russia. According to media reports, the attacks were caused by suicide bombers at the peak of rush hour in Moscow. Thus far, rumors are flying that Muslim extremists are responsible for the attack. In the past, there have typically been spring-summer attacks in Moscow in February, and spring is just now arriving in the capital. STRATFOR will be closely watching the situation for more details.
  3. Is the KGB resident ok?
  4. Or it could be the FSB trying to get an increase in their budget... :twisted:
  5. On the 2 of March in Ingushetia a terrorist cell was liquidated; among the terrorists was their leader, convert to Islam and a man behind 2 terrorist attacks on the train Nevsky Express -- Said Buryatsky. There is a strong possibility that today's terrorist acts are connected to that operation.

    According to preliminary reports, the terrorists were women. "Russian news service" in a live broadcast reported that the bodies of two women suicide bombers were found "Lubyanka".
  6. BBC just reported that the bodycount is 35, with female suicide bombers thought to be responsible. And one of the explosions happend very close to the FSB headquarters.
  7. List of 38 names was published, count is expected to rise, unfortunately.
  8. Thanks, I'm OK.

    Fresh news. Two women dressed in traditional Muslim clothes were beaten in Moscow metro by unknown man.
  9. Police are now looking for two women who were escorting suicide bombers into the subway.
  10. I suppose that it is a ruse typical for special services. Whom do they actually seek is not clear. If they indeed have identified the women terrorists then any information about those who went along them would not be disclosed on so early stages of investigation.

    However, the authorities try to show that 'the situation is under control' that the investigation goes fast.
  11. Caucasus Emirate
  12. Watch TV

    On studying video footage police is now looking for two women who were escorting suicide bombers into the subway. Prior to that two heads (and other body parts) of women from Northern Caucasus were identified as that of suicide bombers.
  13. I have heard about these allegations. The claim about two women of Slavic appearence who accompanied the terrorists could be invented to urge the real organisers of the blasts that the secret services are on the wrong way in their investigation.

    Anyway any person who was near the terrorists and could hear their conversation, even few words would be very valuable for the investigation.
  14. KGB_resident, don't you think such person might be dead?