Explosions at Boston Marathon Finish


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just watching it on the news now 2 explosions, all they are saying is many casualties, the news helo just showed an area where the floor is red and the stuff on twitter and phone coverage is quite graphic.
There really are some sick people out there.

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BBC know SFA so they are in padding mode. Loop, state the obvious such as "police are at the scene" over and over again, give Twitter a mensh.
French news just announced 3 dead. This is shocking. Why Boston?

I was worried last Sunday that Paris Marathon would be targeted because of Mali. Never thought it would happen for real.
NYC security just stepped up, NYPD Hercules teams near commuter choke points now as evening rush hours coming up.


Just saw the video of the bomb going off on CNN over here and one runner going down with what they said was shrapnel in his legs.
What to say about this? An easy target for jihadist types I suppose but senseless to anyone with a couple of braincells to rub together. If anything like the London marathon, the majority of runners will have been raising cash for charity too. Motherfuckers

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