Explosion in Paderborne

Just heard that there was an explosion in Paderborne Camp over the weekend. Have PIRA returned to mortaring SF bases again or did someone ignore the no-smoking signs by the POL point? Were there any BD types who were able to investigate it?
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Paderborne Camp
Bloody big camp that then. Do you mean a camp (or more accurately a barracks) in Paderborn?
Paderborn is a largeish German town you know, not an army garrison like Catterick or Tidworth.
No not Allanbrook Bks.....The PWRR share Barker Bks with the RE Regt, the PWRR are located at the West of the camp whilst the RE occupy the East. Think the LI are in Allanbrook.
Yep, Barker Bks. A later report said no-one was injured.

I wonder how much more old ordnance there might be lying hidden around this part of the world?

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