Explosion in Bastion ASP

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by scheissfotze, May 3, 2013.

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  1. FFS, there is no justifiable reason that this should happen.

    Forget all the bomb disposal shit, explosive safety is the Ammunition Technician's main aim. I really hope that standards have not slipped to allow unsafe/uninspected ammunition to be introduced into the depot.

    If its not ammunition directly at fault, it's some **** breaking contraband regulations.
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  2. Can we have a highly accurate ARAB instead? (I know its Friday sports day, but you never know...)
  3. What ever it is I am sure the ever glorious RAF Regiment will have it all in hand.
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  4. When have we ever needed the osses to be in?

    Someone's in the shit!
  5. Prepping triwalls for disposal breaks all kinds of rules but is necessary due to the sheer volume of ammunition that needs to be disposed of. Last time I was there there were plenty of procedures in place to keep the risk alarp and if they were being followed this certainly shouldn't have happened. I think that somebody has either been ****ing about or having a fag!

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  6. Anyone still doing that practice deserves all they get if not following a recognised procedure.

    I said it was a dangerous method 8 years ago and yet it still goes on.

    I'm concerned about your comment 'it breaks all kinds of rules, but it's necessary' then you seem to throw ALARP in there, because it's tradespeak rather than really stopping to think and appreciate what it really means.

    There are many alternatives to stacking a big box full of various natures.

    Ammo Techs wouldn't accept it in a Unit Ammunition Store, so why do they think they can get away with it themselves?
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  7. No i used alarp in the correct context, the decision to use triwalls had already been made at a much higher level than me so it was up to us as ATO and ATs to make the process as safe as we could. Whether we agree with it or not, it's pretty much an accepted practice these days, IE(A) even came out and had a look at it last year! Not sure how long it'll last now though! I'd genuinely like to hear a better alternative though.

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  8. If i remember rightly last year triwalls were being used that much there was a shortage out there and MOD wide because of the amount of ammo being collected.
  9. Is the use of tri walls a recognised procedure in any munitions publications (does Pam 21 still exist), TAB, TEB or Tech Instruction?
  10. Im no ammo expert, my limit of experience is walking around Depot 90 on guard, at Pombsen wandering into the Lance missile bunkers on a Sun afternoon on patrol and more recently doing my DSO course with the RE but i was amazed how much "surplus" ordnance was out in Bastion. I suspect even more so now we are in drawdown mode. Last year there was a big push on the bullet burning contraption that was out there and how it was going to have to work constantly to keep up.
    They were also doing a lot of Dems Days out the back of Bastion getting rid of the stuff all the time as i would loose a 541 each time they were running them.
  11. I wasn't putting you on the spot with that question CH, it was for scheissfotze or any AT/ATO.

    Forgot to add. You bloody dinosaur CH!
  12. The use of triwalls is a solution to the problem of being unable to secure the dems ground long enough in order to build a stack. If there is time to build a stack, but time is still critical, then all the inner packaging should be removed and as many items as possible (of the same nature) placed in each outer metal container. This should be conducted as close to the planned dems as possible.

    In both these cases all removable safety features should be enhanced (safety pins taped) and all primers and percussion caps padded and taped.

    As both techniques are operational expedient methods, not covered by pubs, they would have to be signed off by SATO, at least, and I would recommend a consultation with IE(A) or CATO or whichever Engr is in charge now.


    As I now believe that people have been injured, to guess at the cause would be imprudent.
  13. Sorry, it was the way i replied that probably made you thought i was replying in kind to your previous statement. They used to ask if anyone would like to see the Dems day as "this one was going to be the biggest they have done"....which was said on everyone but to be fair it didnt flick my switch so didnt bother.
  14. It appears to me that we have fallen into the 'it's always been done like that' trap and because for at least the last 10 years the method has been expedient and there have been no incidents prior to this! Then people have carried on normal jogging. Yet the flaws with regard to explosive safety are there for anyone to see.