Explosion at US Army base in Tokyo


An explosion has been heard in the vicinity of a US Army base near Tokyo. Police say they suspected an attack but said that no one had been injured. Major David Smith, a Pentagon spokesman in Washington DC, said: "A small explosion was heard in the vicinity of the base.

"It did not occur on the base."

Kyodo News agency reported that police had found a "launch pad" near the base and suspected an attempted guerrilla attack.

The Army could not immediately confirm what had caused the explosion.

A Kanagawa Prefecture police official said Zama residents reported hearing the explosion at around 11pm loca time - about 2pm UK time.

In 2002, two blasts were heard outside Camp Zama, and Japanese police found a metal projectile and a crude mortar made from a metal pipe nearby.

Investigators blamed radical guerrillas for the explosions, which caused no injuries.


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