Explosion at Poppy Day ceremony

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Chuffit, Nov 11, 2007.

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  1. Explosion at Poppy Day ceremony

    A device is thought to have exploded inside a ceremonial cannon during Remembrance Day commemorations in Newry, County Down.

    The Army is investigating and the area around the cenotaph is cordoned off. No one has been injured.

    Those attending said they heard a loud bang and saw a flash and smoke coming from the cannon just after 1100 GMT.

    The incident happened as ceremonies were taking place across Northern Ireland to remember the war dead.


    Ulster Unionist assembly member Danny Kennedy said a "crude device" had been hidden in the cannon in Newry.

    Mr Kennedy described the attack as "quite despicable" and said it had been a "very frightening experience for those present".

    Sinn Fein assembly member Mickey Brady said: "People and communities should be allowed to commemorate and remember their dead in peace, without hindrance and in a spirit of mutual respect."

    Meanwhile, the dead of the two world wars and other conflicts have been remembered in ceremonies across Northern Ireland.

    The largest event took place at Belfast City Hall where consuls of the US, Canada, France and India laid wreaths.

    The Queen's representative, Lord Lieutenant of Belfast, Lady Carswell, also attended along with leaders of the armed services.

    This year, Remembrance Sunday falls exactly 89 years after the ending of World War I, Armistice Day.

    Source. BBC.

    I suspect some stupid prank myself, but for cryin' out loud, did it really have to be at this ceremony?
  2. FFS - when I read the title of this Thread in the Forum, I instantly thought of Inneskillin.

    Thank God noone was injured.

    Whoever is responsible should be fcuking kneecapped - then left on the SHankhill wearing a Celtic top and a placard round his neck reading: "Up the RA!" :twisted:

    Edited for being a total Mong... :oops: 8O
  3. My first thoughts as well Frank.

    If this was 'just a prank' then it is a dispicable act, and one that should have the full force of the law thrown at the perpetrator. If was something more, then God help us, are we back to the bad old days?
  4. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Would he not be better being left on the shankhill
    On the Falls he'll just look like every other cunt( and I am a Celtic fan!!)

    Why can't people leave it be
    It's a rememberance parade ffs
  5. That's what I thought but beat me to it.
  6. Fcuks sake - I can't believe I wrote Falls Road! :oops:


    I'll go back and edit it, mate. Thanks for pointing it out.

    Too much blood in my ale stream! :twisted:
  7. There was a security alert at the parade in Enniskillen today as well, I believe as a result of a telephoned bomb warning.

    The latest BBC report describes the one in Newry as "a timed device" which sounds a bit more than your average prankster would come up with.

  8. Some more details released at a press conference today. Device was crude but it was on a timer which makes it more than just your average thug playing a prank.


    The photo they used in the paper showed a Police Officer right next to it shortly after it exploded (there were still flames coming from the muzzle of the cannon) so it may actually have been an attempt to kill/injure PSNI officers.
  9. Add to that the shooting of two coppers since last Friday, one in Dungannon last night and the other in Londonderry on Friday, methinks that an element of the Real Ra are building momentum. Fcukwits.
  10. As a serving robert in said town and part of the section on duty that day and having spoke to ATO it most assuredly was a viable device, nails and all!!!

    bunch of cowardly b4stards!!!!!!!!