Exploding targets

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by happybonzo, Dec 7, 2012.

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  1. I'd be interested to know the pyrotechnic composition and NEC of each clay. Storing them could become an issue.
  2. Good question so I thought that I'd ask them

  3. they are fun. but at £19 a box of twenty, expensive fun.

    ..... btw, the target holders for the air-rifle ones are not .22lr proof.
  4. I like the idea of exploding targets, but from what I hear, it's slightly dodgy legally over here.

    Someone on another forum came up with a great idea for an alternative though. Drilling a 14mm hole on the cap of a plastic coke bottle, and attaching a car tyre valve. Then you can put some talc/fullers earth/whatever in the bottle, screw the cap on, and inflate the bottle to about 7 bar pressure. Hey presto, one very cheap and effective exploding target. You can use the valve and cap again and again as long as you don't shoot it by accident, you will have to replace the bottle though!
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  5. If they're 1.4S then it's no different to storing SAA and SG Carts.
  6. If you use a sports cap, one of those that you pull to drink out of, you can make a better seal by punching the round centre out and inserting the valve that way.
  7. Apparently red powder colour paint looks impressive ............. so I've been told.

    Back before 9/11 you could more or less buy explosives on a driving licence in the USA. I have a mate out in Arizona who back then used to bundle stuff up and shoot at it with scoped rifles out in the desert. No need to walk down and check for hits.
  8. Tannertite, easy enough to make if you are that way inclined. Might get a visit from the old bill though, apparently they take a rather dim view of folks making their own.
  9. Bottle of diet coke.

    Pop in a few mentos and screw the lid back on sharpish.

    Leave it to brew up and then shoot at it.
  10. We have exploding disks on the rear of some clays at our club, hit one to win a prize, all you get is a bang no louder than a shotgun and a puff of white smoke. They come as patches and need to be penetrated to explode, they can be re-used if the disks have been missed.
  11. We use it at my range often--Mongo had the honor of detonating a pound of the stuff during the first annual ARRSE shoot at my place. It is binary (ball-milled ammonium nitrate and powdered aluminum) and is legal to use as long as you mix it on site and detonate it there--no transporting etc. after being mixed.
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  12. So you like ****?
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  13. Dingerr, that was even beneath your usual standard. :)
  14. Oddly the main charge that took me out was estimated at 20kg of ****.