Exploding Chewing gum??

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by bigbird67, Dec 9, 2009.

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  1. How in God's name do you 'accidentally dip your chewing gum in explosives'??

    Student blows face off!

    Is this a new WMD or just a candidate for Darwinism? I mean, putting salt on your rice crispies instead of sugar i can understand but this..... :?
  2. Now THAT was a bubble!
  3. Never underestimate the stupidity of students!
    Definitely a candidate for a Darwin award.
  4. Apparently he routinely dipped gum in Citric Acid.
    Maybe he confused it with Picric Acid.

    In university we had a dorm party once with a punch made with ethyl alchhol provided by a pre-med student with lab access. Halfway through the party he started mumbling "Was it ethyl or methyl" This caused some concern but none of us died or went blind so it must have been ethyl.
  5. That's a bit of a rum affair, innit? Maybe he was a bomb-maker for the local Al-Qaeda branch.

  6. An interesting alternative to poison darts from umbrellas..
  7. I bet he was Gobsmacked!
  8. Jaw-droppingly stupid.