Exploding bombs to create underground shelters

Patent GB 1 339 414 makes interesting reading:


Salient points from the description:

An upper shell 1 of very strong, thick, steel, proof against the blast from a near miss H bomb encloses a radiation shield of concrete 2, and two slidable doors or shutters 3 which can be released, to seal off the entry areas 4 and 5, for world citizens, 10, wishing to escape from an H bomb ICBM attack.

Within the shell 1 is a reservoir for beer 6, which can be filled from a filling funnel 7 by a beer carrying helicopter.

The shell 1 carries, at its top, a radar bowl and aerial 8-9, to give as long a warning as possible of approaching H bomb carrying ICBMs.

The radar assembly 8-9, activates an alarm hooter and World citizens, 10, make a rush through the entrances 4 and 5, and, on their bottoms, are accelerated by gravity at about 32 feet/sec2, until they are falling freely down the central shaft 11, which,. if deep enough, may enable them to attain a terminal velocity of about 150 mph.

When the approaching H Bomb carrying
ICBM missile has about 10 seconds of flight left, the radar assembly 8-9 triggers a mechanism to release the slidable sealing doors 3, light beam photocells devices being used, not shown, to ensure they do not fall on a "World citizen", 10, who is a bit late reaching the shelter, due to Old age or rheumatism, after which the shell 1 and its beer supply, is effectively sealed off from the
H Bomb attack.

"World citizens", 10, after a free fall down the shaft, 11 land on their bottoms, on a switch back system 12 of retardation high friction surface tracks, which slows them up so that their feet ultimately compress springs 12', and they are brought to a halt.

The World Citizens 10 then get to their feet, and descend ladders 14 to the Cafeteria and Bingo Hall on floor 15, and, if they wish, can take part in a Bingo Session using the Electronic Bingo Master Card, 17, on the wall. Refreshments, of a liquid character, may be obtained from the bar 19, from beer sucked up from barrels 20 in the cellar below, supplied through a pipe 18 from the gravity tank 6 in the shell 1.

When the ICBM attack is over,"World Citizens", 10 can, through access ways 21, take lifts 22, operated by lift machinery 24 in H bomb proof shelters 25, to the access ways 23, and have a look at the "World", to decide whether it is reasonably safe for them to resume their previous activities, or they maydecide they will return down the lifts to have another Bingo session, to let the level of radioactivity die down a little.

Figures A and B, of the drawings, show how the speed of descentofWorld Citizens" dropping down shaftsleading-to an H bomb shelter, created by exploding a Bomb, or down a tubular escape shaft forming part of an escape system from a conventional fire, can be retarded by making the tubes just larger than an ordinary umbrella, and World Citizens can use such, or a specially provided small parachute, which they can clip on quickly, to provideaerodynamic braking of their descent.

As shown in the arrangement in figure B, there is a multi-tube escape system to the
Bingo cafeteria shelter provided in the Bomb shelter.

In this arrangement the storage tank for
BEER, 103, is below the base and supplied through a helicopter filling connection 101, down central tube 102, to the tank 103. The shelter has a concrete shield, 100, and as shown 6 shafts 107 down which the"World
Citizens" are represented as dropping with umbrellas acting as aerodynamic braking means. Because of such braking, there is no need to give them a braking slope at the base of each tube or shaft, and, instead, they drop onto a flexible net, or trampoline 108, and use the ladders 111, down to the Bingo hall, or cafeteria below, the bars at each end being supplied with beer from the tank 103 below.

Lifts 113 take "World Citizens" up shafts 106 to the ground level after the radioactivity from a deliberate, or accidental, H
Bomb attack has died down to a safe level.
Have a look at the pictures as well - what more could you want from a bomb shelter? They've thought of everything! :lol:
Brilliant! First class example of British ingenuity in action - presumably the applicant was relying on word of mouth to get his joke to the public ...

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