Explain the mentality of RE officers

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Thing, Sep 15, 2005.

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  1. Welcome to our world.
  2. It all started at Rorke's Drift you know! ;-) Lt John Chard RE, his fault!
  3. Well now, let's see. The Wedge Heads have got:

    Gen O'Donoghue as DLO (so that must make him the Big Cheese of All Logistic personnell then...)

    Maj Gen Wall as GOC 1 Div

    Maj Gen Bill as GOC UKSC(G)

    So it looks as if someone HAS let the RE Officers run the Army - or at least, the bit of it that does most of the fighting.

  4. UBIQUE!!! Enough Said!
  5. I have never seen the words "DLO" and "the bit that does the most fighting" in the same sentence before!
  6. Good point, well made. But remember, the RLC are soldiers too - aren't they? Though I don't suppose there's much of a combatty nature about the HQ at Andover....
  7. Thing- Maybe you aren't very good, and you need somebody to tell you what to do.
  8. For those not aware of our history(and VCs), they might remember Generals like Gordon,Kitchener and Neame.After a period when The Corps headshed did not push their more able operational officers,things seem to be changing for the better.There seems some hope that Peter Wall may get to the highest ranks of this man's army,in due course.Other Airborne Sappers seem to be doing quite well at the moment.
  9. Never really come across many BDOs (who I assume you are mainly referring to) but taking a Corps-wide view, our Officers are generally a down-to-earth and professional bunch, at least when compared to the hoorays and downright mongs that you come across in some capbadges. It may well be the case that if you stick a red wing badge on a young subbies arm he suddenly believes himself to be Superman, I don't know, but that is no reason to tar every RE officer with the same brush - especially as most have nothing to do with EOD.

    I can well imagine the rivalry and frustration felt when ATOs and BDOs have to work together but if you promise not to think of the whole RE as wannabe bomb gods, we'll promise not to think of you lot as just a bunch of cooks and blanket-stackers! :wink:
  10. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    I was under the impression that GOC 1 Div was late KOSB.
  11. Peter Wall was Commander 16 Air Assault ,when it started up,and took over 1 Div at the end of the 'war' in Iraq.Probably now moved to higher things.
  12. In addition to DLO not being a 'fighting echelon' the same must be said about UKSC(G). They wave goodbye to the fighters at Emden, then they look after the infrastructure left behind like service schools, quarters, LECs etc.


  13. There was a certain frisson when the field next to DLO was occupied by dirty, smelly, thieving travellers last week. All retreated behind the wire, much mumbling was heard, with some interesting ideas of what to do with them by the military types. It was left to the screaming kids in the DLO nursery, on the front line (next to occupied field) so to speak to scare them off!!! DLO kids....hard as nails!