Explain Lucknow Platoon?!

Hi there,

My friend has just joined RMAS in May 2013 intake and has just found the they may possibly have a hernia. They may need to be put in Lucknow Platoon. I was wondering whether one of you could explain to me what this entails? is it based around a normal RMAS day? do they get paid? how long are you allowed to be in it for? and can you join your same platoon or are you always pushed back?
Sorry for all the questions just I am a little worried.

Any replies would be greatly appreciated
2 second with Mr.Google, this put your mind at ease:

From Wiki
"rehabilitation" platoon — Lucknow Platoon. It looks after cadets who are injured during training, with a view to preparing them to re-enter the commissioning course or processing those who are medically discharged.

Cadets who fail to meet the required standard, or who have been injured, may be "back-termed", that is, "asked" to repeat the previous term and joining a later intake, or to repeat the whole course.

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