Expiry of compulsory call-up

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Brevet, May 5, 2011.

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  1. Does anyone know the treatment of TA soldiers who have been mobilised with regard to being called up again after discharge/resignation? Looking at the Reserve Forces Act, it seems that for the Army it is age-related (ie up to age 55 irrespective of length of service), but for the RN it time expires.
  2. Did you volunteer to join the reserve? It's not automatic for the TA - you need to volunteer to join Section D rather than having an automatic liability to Section A service (Compendium of Reservist Regulations, Section 6, Para 25c). For Section A, I believe it times out after 4 years (or at age 45) .

    Edited to add - the above presumes you weren't ex-Reg, joined TA, mobbed and left TA before your Reg Reserve commitment expired. Same doc & section, Annex B para 4.
  3. That makes sense now - the RFA 96 makes a pig's ear of setting this out. The problem as I saw it is that by being compulsorily mobilised a soldier enters a short term contract with the regular army.

    Being a knackered 45 year old, I would be unaffected but I wouldn't have put it past the buggers to leave some abiguity in the deal.

    Many thanks.